14 August 2014

Wishlist | Kendal Calling festival

Fest Kendal Calling
A couple of weekends ago I headed to Kendal Calling, a music festival that happens right here in the Lake District.

I tried to pack all of the festival essentials by shopping my own wardrobe rather than wasting money on items of clothing I'll never wear again.

OK, OK... I admit it. I also came across a few items I'm considering adding to my new and improved minimal wardrobe (and hopefully packing) style... But I promise I have very good reasons.
  Shorts - Urban Outfitters
 It doesn't matter how rubbish the weather is (and it was pretty bad..) a pair of cut off denim shorts will always be a good idea. Wear them with tights, brave the bare legs or just have them close by for a midnight toilet dash, you can guarantee they won't leave a festival unworn. Mine didn’t.

- Country House Outdoor

  Do I really have to justify packing a pair of trusty wellingtons? If like me you've converted from cheap wellies to Hunter Boots you'll know they're so much more comfortable and look hella' stylish too. Never worry about mud again. Or puddles. Ever.

 Rain mac -
I fell in love with this ASOS rain mac as soon as I saw it. Waited and waited to make sure it's something I'd definitely wear, then I gave in and embraced the waterproof. Since then I've never been happier to see rain forecast.

Bag -
Fjall Raven
This Kånken backpack is one item on my wishlist I don't own... Yet. Because I was also working while at Kendal Calling (doing my journalist thang) I had to carry around laptops, cameras, phones, notepads and anything else that I thought looks useful. (Poncho, anyone?) With a bag like this I'd be asking to carry more.
ASOS - Baseball shirt

Probably my favourite thing right now. I'd wanted one since my trip to California last year and the Mr picked one up for me at Christmas. Now they're everywhere. I must have know. This top is perfect for a festival. It can be thrown on, glammed up or used as a one of many layers.

Necklace -
Secrets of the Tribe 
Surely you didn't think I'd leave all my jewellery at home? There are some awesome boho inspired festival style jewellery about at the moment and this one has to be my favourite. Again, this one isn't in my collection but it's the perfect amount of hippy-meets-statement necklace to have pierrelecat potential.

What are your festival essentials?




  1. Yellow! I do love a yellow mac on a rainy day :) it's just such a bright happy colour! Big fan of the boho necklace as well xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. The necklace is perfect! I love the leather tassels at the side!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

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  4. Really lusting after some hunter wellies for when it snows! (festivals are not my thing)


  5. It feels like this years festival season is well and truly over (well to me anyway) but I do love this rain mac. Perfect for Scottish autumn/winter Gisforgingers xx

  6. You have no idea how much I want those wellies lol.

    Loving your blog. Following on GFC & bloglovin! Would love it if you checked out my latest post. xx

  7. I've never been to Kendall Calling but it sounds so good. Love your picks here, especially the wellies. I have a little giveaway going on my blog if you want to check it out :) xx


  8. Such good picks! I've been after a Kanken for a while too, just hoping someone I know gets the hint soon!! X



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