13 February 2017

I love my Kindle - but I'm back in print

I love my Kindle, but recently I’ve found myself buying more real life books. And it turns out I’m not the only one. 

6 February 2017

So you want to learn to snowboard?

beginner snowboarding tips and advice Tignes
I was given a whole lot of advice when I started learning to snowboard; some of it was helpful and some of it was not.

2 February 2017

Did Lonely Planet lie about Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay in East Coast Australia is boring
According to the Lonely Planet Australia guide, Hervey Bay is a 'top tourist-dollar destination' with an 'energetic resort development.'

29 January 2017

4 things I loved about East Coast Australia

best east coast australia
Warm sea, coffee culture and nearly becoming a morning person - our winter trip to Australia was amazing, and in true travel blogger style, I’ve chosen some of the best bits.

17 April 2016

Read | The First Bad Man

You know the kind of book that you can't stop thinking about, even months after you've finished reading it? Yeah, that...

8 November 2015

Are minerals actually any good for you?

Minerals, yeah? You find them in make-up, shampoo and kale. You’re meant to eat them, drink them and cover your body in them. They’re dead good for you, right?