29 January 2017

4 things I loved about East Coast Australia

best east coast australia
Warm sea, coffee culture and nearly becoming a morning person - our winter trip to Australia was amazing, and in true travel blogger style, I’ve chosen some of the best bits.

That really warm sea thing...

I’m not a natural born beach-dweller, whereas my husband would happily dig a hole in the sand and live on a beach forever. Why did I decide that a month long trip taking in as much of the east coast as I could manage was a good idea? That’s because Rob assured me I’d be so busy splashing about in the Pacific Ocean I wouldn’t have time to complain.

Full disclosure; I wasn’t convinced there was any increase in sea temperature when I dipped my toes in at St Kilda in Melbourne. And yes, I may have accused Rob of dragging me all the way to Australia under false pretences. But I can confirm, in the most technical of terms, as we travelled on to Sydney the sea really was bloody lovely.

That nearly becoming a morning person thing...

When the weather’s good, Australians find it a whole lot easier to get up for a swim, surf or paddleboard before work. I decided to take smaller steps. Running a few miles every morning? Nah. I just want enough time for breakfast.

As Instagrammable as porridge and blueberries and golden syrup may be, I’d rather start my day avoiding the sweet stuff. Every morning you’d find me hunting down the best poached eggs in just about every spot we visited. And the further away my iPhone was, the better they tasted.

When I got home I secretly hoped my jet lag would never wear off and I’d continue to wake up at 5am. Forever. Unsurprisingly this didn’t happen.

east coast australia best bits

That serious coffee culture thing...

I was told Australians took coffee seriously, but then I’d always thought us Brits did too. I was wrong. Instead of every other cup tasting a bit ‘meh’, as is my experience in the UK, for four full weeks I enjoyed one good latte after another.

If you're in the neighbourhood I'd suggest getting your caffeine fix at Supply in Coffs Harbour, Moto in Noosa Junction and Borough Barista in Burleigh Heads.

That Noosa Heads surf lesson thing...

It wasn’t my first surf lesson, but it was my favourite - and probably most successful. And by success I mean standing up on a board for more than five seconds without losing my bikini. Result.

This wasn’t down to dumb luck either. We had a great tutor after booking at Noosa Longboards on Hastings Street, who found us the perfect little break to spend a few hours at. Noosa Heads, I love you.


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