13 August 2014

Document the every day.. #06

How good are unexpected days off?

Actually, I'll change that... How good are unexpected days off, with sun and an abandoned outdoor swimming pool?
Last Thursday, after a non-stop few days at work, I was able to take a very sunny road trip to Tynemouth. It's somewhere I've always fancied visiting yet never seemed to get round to it. And it was all rather lovely.

This north-east town has an awesome beach and a kooky abandoned outdoor swimming pool right by the sea front. Pretty weird and pretty.. Beautiful.

I couldn't resist taking a few snaps.

I'm feeling pretty happy with my blog right now. Lots of exciting plans and posts and things in the pipeline... You might have even spotted a little link for my second music blog popping up in my sidebar too.
But every now and then it's nice get away from it all and explore somewhere new. It makes it even sweeter when you get back home.



  1. It's always good to get away for a little while, it makes you appreciate home more. I wonder why the outdoor swimming pool was abandoned.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. It's so nice to get away and remove yourself from everything that's making your life hectic!
    Let Me Go Xo

  3. Love Tynemouth, it's probably my favourite place in the North East. Such a cute little town to explore. Did you get to the Saturday market in the Metro Station? Ooooh also have you been to Cullercoats just down the coast? There's an amazing ice-cream parlour and tea room there called Beaches and Cream which is worth a visit!

    Chloe x

  4. Awww this looks lovely! xx




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