10 April 2014

Document the every day.. #03

Events. Uni. Coffee. Cake.

That pretty much sums up my recent adventures. So obviously I thought I'd blog about it all in my favourite lifestyle update post where I pick a photo that perfectly documents my every day.

Although technically there's been a few things that I wouldn't exactly describe as 'every day' occurrences happening recently..

Regular readers of Pierrelecat will know I'm in the final semester of my final year studying event management and last weekend was the realisation of my last big practical uni project.
I was lucky enough to organise a region wide event with the aim to 'harness the power of social media.' I know. It sounds fancy doesn't it?

Now, I'm not going to start boring you with all my event management stories (they're dull) but if you want to see what it was all about you can take a peek at the #cumbriaweekend tweets here or read through a bit of event feedback here.

Safe to say that's one big part of my final year wrapped up, hopefully a few more opportunities for the future and now it's going to be dissertation central round our way for the foreseeable.

But I can tell you one thing.. It's all starting to get very exciting.



  1. love your idea of rounding up with one photo for your whole lifestyle, so genius! xx


  2. Very cool post idea! Those cookies & drinks look so good!! When I was in Uni I went to coffee shops SO much haha unlimited wi-fi, hot drinks, and food = AH-mazing. :)

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO



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