7 April 2014

Nail art novice: Minimal nails..

 Who has time for nail art at the moment? Nope, I don't either...

As much as I love it, being a nail art beginner means everything takes just that little bit longer. What could take a professional nail artist 30 minutes can take me hours (and that's if I don't mess it up!), and as you already know I'm a huge fan of lazy nail art too.

However, I think I've found the perfect solution. You'll be forgiven for thinking things could be about to get complicated judging by the amount of nail varnishes in the picture below, but minimal nail art is deceptively easy and amazingly effective.

As a self confessed nail varnish hoarder I've found myself with too many pots of red polish which allowed me to create this really simple minimal nail art effect. I've simply painted my nails five different shades, going from dark to light.

Ok, so I'm the first to admit that this is probably a bit of a stretch to call it nail art.. But I kind of love how it looks and I've found loads of minimal nail art designs that I can't wait to try next. Have a look for yourself on my 'Nails I'll do one time..' Pinterest board.

Spots, stripes and interesting colour combinations.. All possible to do in about half an hour, and it turns out all way more my kind of style at the moment. 

Finally a bit of nail art I won't need to try and explain at work either. (It was this one that got the most double takes!)

What do you think? Will anyone else be attempting a quick minimal nail art update in their lunch break? Are you a minimal nail art convert like me?



  1. Love how you've done your nails as well as all the other inspo pictures! x

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss: Awesome Asda

  2. hey! i nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award
    you can check it out on my blog fresh-britain.com

  3. Love the colours you've chosen! Simple but effective.

    Faye x

  4. Love the colour on your little finger! So Summery :) xx

  5. I've never seen this before but it looks so simple and effective Gisforgingers xx



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