11 November 2013

Pierrelecat in Pictures: Berlin..

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. I know, I know.. I mentioned it A LOT. Fortunately the person that did mange to pick up on my 'subtle' hints surprised me with a trip to Berlin.

Armed with a German phrase book, a handbag full of necklaces (essential packing, people..) and a whole lot of inspiration from Donna at Polkadot Pink, me and the husband jetted off to celebrate in style.
Predictably this is a picture heavy post..

From flea markets in the rain to an open air karaoke night, there was a whole lot of stuff to see in Berlin. Spending only a couple of days in the city we accepted we'd only get a taster of the place.. But what a taster it was.

"Number of envious persons is confirmation of our abilities.." (Or something along those lines..) Oscar Wilde.


East Berlin was definitely the highlight of our trip. I'm a sucker for street art.

Visiting Burgermeister, a public toilet converted into a burger bar, was a direct result of reading Donna's blog post. There was no way I was missing out on this bad boy. Look how busy it was on a Tuesday morning! Incredible.

I treated myself to a new coat for the trip. I'm so practical as the years advance. This ASOS parka (similar here) is amazingly warm and makes me look dead moody in black and white with my hood up. (Fashion bloggers need to consider these things..) I'd go so far as saying it'd be the only purchase I'd recommend for a chilly city break.

An autumn trip to Berlin has been at the top of my to-do list for a long time, although I don't think I'll be ticking it off just yet. It's an amazing city and I'm pretty determined to return.

Any other city breaks you think I should add to my to-do list?



  1. It looks like you had a great time! I'd love to go to Berlin. I spent a few days in Belgium a couple of years back... I'd highly recommend it! Good for a nice break. xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

    1. Amazing! Any excuse for a holiday, right?! I'll definitely be checking Belgium out..

  2. Love the pictures - there is nothing wrong with a picture heavy post, I do it all the time and I love being such a visual person.
    Looks like a fab trip!



    1. Thanks so much! Yep, love pictures myself.. That's why I love your blog too.

  3. Ahhh! Beloved Berlin! Looks like you had a great time, glad you got to check out Burgermeister! Great street art spot...Alias! Kudos. Loved seeing the pics! xx

  4. Phil and I have been to Amsterdam and Munich in recent years, can highly recommend both :D

  5. Rome is my most fave place ever. Brugges is also beautiful :)
    Glad you had a nice trip! xx

  6. I am desperate to visit Berlin! x



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