12 November 2013

Nail art novice: Galaxy nails..

Although galaxy nails have made an appearance on Pierrelecat before, it's the first time I'm sharing my own attempts..

And I think I've got the hang of this one. 

L-R: Sephora by OPI (What a broad), Rimmel (Marshmellow Heaven), Essie (1002), Rimmel Space Dust (Moon walking) Sephora by OPI (Mermaid to go) 
   Turns out all you need to do is gather a few of your favourite nail varnish colours (and they don't even need to be the 'traditional' galaxy blues and purples), a sponge (although crumpled up kitchen roll can work) and you're ready to aim for the stars. (Err.. Gettit?)
I wanted to use a few colours I hadn't tried before. The Sephora for O.P.I. range I actually picked up as a mutlipack in America. I don't usually go for the pearlescent varnishes, but they work really well with this effect mixed with other more solid colours.

After a black base had dried, I read that the trick is to use the next darkest colour first. In my case it was the O.P.I purple. Dab the nail to create the base of your galaxy area. Next go lighter and lighter and dab a smaller and smaller area within the original, which all helps create a depth to the galaxy effect.

After this if you have a light glitter you can sometimes use that all over. In my case the Rimmel glitter varnish was a pretty solid colour so I just splodged it randomly. To add my star effect I used my new favourite toy.. The nail pen.

Barry M nail art pen in white (Currently included in the 3 for 2 at Superdrug)

The possibilities seem endless with a nail art pen..

This was my first galaxy nail attempt using green and pink to mix it up, and a bobby pin for the star effect. From a distance it didn't look too bad!

For the top coat today I went super shiny (which is a nightmare for photos..) but you can try a matte varnish to make the glitter and the pearlescent shades really pop.

Have any of you tried galaxy nails and felt surprised how easy it was? I mean, when did more mess mean a better effect?



  1. Hi, I love your blog so I nominated you for The Liebster Award, I've given you some questions in my latest blog post! You dont have to do it, but I thought I'd let you know!

    Hollie xo


  2. Looks lovely! Saw your tweet in the #fblchat so I thought I'd check you out and share my link as well! I'm at http://thebelleadventures.blogspot.com/ and I'm definitely following you on GFC :) xx

  3. I tried this last year & it was surprisingly easy! :)
    They look lovely chick!

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  4. Aww these are so cute! :)
    I really want to give them a go one day!


  5. I NEED to try this! Looks so pretty xx

  6. i love doing galaxy nail art!its so pretty!:)i haven't tried that new rimmel polish!:)

  7. The first ones look amazing, I need to try them. Perfect for the Christmas season x

  8. Was it really easy? I mean I think it would take me ages XD haha

    Olivia @ Awake Looks

  9. I intend to try this soon! Of course I have a slightly different selection of nail polishes, but hopefully I can pull it off! Yours look amazign!


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