6 November 2013

How I wear Argento jewellery..

Up until a couple of weeks ago I really wasn't sure what I thought about birds. Being a strident cat-lady there are mornings I'm met with a live pigeon shaped present from Pierre. Pigeons are BIG. And they don't belong in my kitchen. Or on top of the dresser. Or strutting in the hall towards the front door, even though I've clearly opened the back door for their own convenience..

So you may be surprised to see me wearing one beaut of a owl necklace. This delicate silver cut out design was gifted to me from the lovely people at Argento.

And guess what? I've been introduced to some charming creatures that just so happen to have changed my bird-fearing mind..

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Kendal for the first International Comic Art Festival. Minding my own business (that's me in the middle of the picture below, doing exactly that..) we came across a display of owls from the local owl sanctuary, who'd set up for the weekend in a closed shop just off the high street.

From the little guy who perched on your finger to the biggest owl with a wing span reaching 6 foot, (screw you pigeons..) these birds really were a thing of beauty. It wasn't until I came across Voo Voo that I really changed my mind. Not only did she have the biggest eyes, her name was pretty wonderful too.

The majority of these owls are rescued and an important part of this charity is to promote and educate people about our own owl population. (How else did I know the wing span fact?!) Turns out there's been a few too many people inspired to get an owl of their own after watching Harry Potter.

Necklace c/o Argento
Rings - Market and Amelia May
Bracelet - Ginger Pickle

After meeting Voo Voo and the gang you can understand that I was pretty excited to receive my Argento necklace.. And it didn't disappoint. Right down to the packaging.

 I can't be the only one that's asked for gift wrapping before, but had to rip it off just to check it was exactly what I ordered.. Argento have thought of everything. The bow actually had a crafty bit of elastic sewn into it, so if you were buying it as a gift you can take a quick peek inside before packaging it up again without untying the ribbon or anyone knowing.

Unless you're like me and you put the bow back on upside down.

My owl necklace arrival happened to coincide with Halloween, so I attempted to witch it up a bit with the rest of my jewellery and nails. It was also good to give a bit of a Halloween nod at work. No, I don't have my face painted as a Mexican sugar skull, but I do have an owl necklace..

And I think that's pretty cool.

What will you be honoring in jewellery form this autumn?*

*If it's horses, then you might want to check this out.

Find out more about my local owl charity here.

Guys, what do you think of my brand spanking new blog design? Jen Magic Feather sure is a good'un, right?


  1. Helen i LOVE this post!!! I love me a good owl necklace but have always gone for something much heavier and pendant-ey, this ones lovely and delicate but still so sweet. Good call xxxxx

  2. Oh fancy seeing you here, Tangles!

    Yeah I thought this owl would be bigger from the pics but he's still a total hottie, spreading his little wings around.

    Love the combo of jewels and charity- a darling mix, xxx

  3. Love this post :) Some really great jewellery - and the owls are so gorgeous!! Love the little one :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  4. Aw I love owls! That necklace is so beautiful! x



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