25 November 2013

How I wear jewellery: Littlebearwolf..

One of my recent blog discoveries is littlebearwolf, and after a bit of a chin-wag over Twitter she's now one of my new favourite people in general. I love it when that happens. 

 A couple of weeks ago littlebearwolf (It can't just be me that thinks of bloggers by their blog name..) mentioned that being so busy recently she felt a bit uninspired in the jewellery department. As a jewellery obsessive and an aspiring do-gooder I offered to have a look. It was just a happy coincidence that I get to blog about it too. 

Clockwise from top left:
Amethyst druzy necklaces - Empty Casket
Wolf moon necklace - Cheap Frills
Silver head piece - Little Teacup
Cocoa circle ring - Gemleys

My jewellery shopping list had to include the following: "The Craft meets Clueless meets affordable vintage gypsy celtic, with a witchy mythical twist." 

Easy, right?

I started at Empty Casket. It's got to be my favourite online jewellery shop and ticks just about all the boxes on littlebearwolf's wish list. I picked the amethyst druzy necklace because the stone, which can be loosely translated as 'without drunkenness' in Greek, is said to protect and promote clarity and calmness. That's mythical covered.

The Cheap Frills wolf moon necklace is pretty self explanatory for a littlebearwolf..

I had to include this head chain from Little Teacup. Not only is this one of the most affordable online jewellery shops out there (I'm talking pocket money, people..) but it's something a little bit unique. (And that's very littlebearwolf..)

This ring from Gemleys has a really unusual stone. It's something I've not really seen before. It's probably at the pricier end of all the items I've chosen, but is so unique that I think it's worth the investment. Also, there's this funny little thing called Christmas coming up too..

Clockwise from top left:
Teardrop moonstone ring - Amelia May
Howling wolf and moon necklace - Kukee
Silver gypsy bracelet - Dixi
Pentagram choker - Black Cat Jewellery
I've been making an awful lot of purchases from Amelia May recently and if you follow me on Twitter you'd have already seen me sharing the jewellery love. The best thing about this online jewellery shop? Every item is available in silver AND gold. Great if you have a preference and super-great (and super greedy) if you want both..

Ok, ok.. Another wolf and moon related item. I can't help it. I love a theme.. But if you like this, then definitely check out the Egyptian themed necklace from Kukee with the all seeing eye. IT'S JUST SO GOOD.

The Dixi gypsy soul bracelet.. Kind of sums up littlebearwolf in jewellery form. Perfect.

I love this choker from Black Cat Jewellery.. Can you get any more Clueless meets The Craft than this piece? Probably not.

So there you have it, my jewellery picks especially for a littlebearwolf. I've loved doing a post like this.. So if there's ever a jewellery dilemma I can help you with, get in touch!

Where is your go-to online jewellery shop? 



  1. beautiful pieces, will definitely be checking out these jewellery stores!


  2. The cocoa circle ring is lovely! so simple but beautiful!

    anna x


  3. Really love Kukees jewellery!
    Also love that choker very gothic :)




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