2 December 2013

Pierrelecat in pictures #09

It's been a little while since I wrote a Pierrelecat in pictures post. Balancing work, my final year at university and attempting to have a life in between doesn't leave much room for many other exciting activities. (Jewellery hoarding not included..)

But hey, I've had a good go..


1. Don't think I've mentioned this blue beaut of a necklace from Traditional Heart on the blog yet. I kind of love it.
2. Check out my talented mr.. And no, I don't mean Pierre. Rob made this light himself with nothing more than a vintage camera and a light bulb. Pierre does appear to be a big fan though..
3. Pumpkins. You look amazing but taste like wallpaper paste.
4. Asos tartan smock, leaves, feet pic. Oh yeah, I'm doing autumn the blogger way.

5. My birthday meant only one thing.. A family party. (Round our way, they're the best kind..) Here I am dancing in the kitchen and laughing about nothing in particular. Yes, life.
6. In our house, we drink rum.
7. New kicks!
8. My Mam treated me to this amazingly delicate mixed metal sunflower necklace after a trip to Glasgow. Another to add to the can-I-wear-this-everyday collection.

9. This is the view from our back bedroom. Quite often you can spot a cat climbing on the roof of the derelict building in the background. Today there was nothing blue skies.
10. Queen of drinks.. And not particularly happy about it.
11. Me and Tiddles just catching up in the back garden. As you do.
12. December has been brightened by THIS. An advent calendar with a new Ciate nail varnish for every day in advent. A predict a Christmas inspired nail art post..

So, what have you guys been up to recently? C'mon, spill..



  1. tartan smock and advent calendar jealousy! xo

  2. That DIY lamp is amazing and I love the daisy necklace x


  3. Great pics, love the new kicks and jealous of your advent calendar, I don't even have a chocolate one, waaaaaaa

  4. I love posts like these! I have those NB's, comfiest shoes everrrr xxx

  5. Looks like you've had a lovely time, love posts like this!

    Tweet Tweet xx



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