7 October 2013

Spotlight on: Cali jewellery finds.. #CALIWEEK

As CALIWEEK continues I thought I'd show you a few pieces of jewellery I picked up and introduce you to my favourite Californian jewellery shops..

 The octopus and the Californian state shaped necklace were both finds in a strange little indoor market in San Diego. I'd been bombarded with gold necklaces in the shape of California and when I finally found a silver version I just had to have it. Kind of tacky, yes.. But I'll never forget where I got it from.

The silver ring bracelet was another San Diego find from a boutique called Dolcetti in the Gaslamp District. With a mixture of vintage pieces and interesting designers all displayed in quirky wardrobes I couldn't leave empty handed. I've not got anything like this.. And you know I can't resist a triangle or two.

Before we left for California I'd found out about Melrose Trading Post, an independent market that took place every Sunday at a high school in L.A. After following them on Instagram I was enticed to make a detour on our travels. I made my first (and favourite) purchases here.

I found the thin silver triangle necklace, the rose gold oragami bird and midi-ring at a stall called Leola Lace. There was a huge selection of delicate, hand made jewellery that I had to leave, do a lap of the market and come back a couple of times before I could decide which items to choose.

What was great about Leola Lace is that customers were asking for certain designs but in a different metal or with a longer necklace length etc. Once you found something you liked the owner was happy to customise it exactly as you wanted. I decided on a couple of rose gold items as it's not something I have in my jewellery collection.. And a dainty triangle necklace.. Obviously.

The last port of call at Melrose Trading Post was Real Bugs. Probably not the best shop for the more squeamish of you.. I thought it was AMAZING.

Along with a collection of oddities such as a stuffed two headed duckling and rainbow coloured beetles set in glass, I made my most unique and probably favourite purchase of the trip. Encased in globe of glass are the perfectly preserved white fluffy seed heads of a dandelion dangling from a delicate silver chain. 

I am so in love.

What have been your favourite holiday finds this year?


  1. love your midi ring. they are just my favourite thing to wear right now.


  2. love the ring bracelet...different and unique :-)

  3. I always think you have really nice taste in jewellery :)

  4. i love delicate chains, so much more elegant than chunky pieces



  5. What lovely quirky jewellery finds! :)





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