3 October 2013

Nail art novice: Professional intervention.. #CALIWEEK

It's my second #CALIWEEK post and it's all about nail art..

While we were away I managed to bag us tickets to a special evening opening at the California Academy of Sciences. Every Thursday this awesome museum opens it's doors after hours with a different theme, interesting one off exhibitors and cocktails.. Lots of cocktails. Lucky for me the night we headed to 'Nightlife at the Academy' there was an exhibitor that caught my eye..

Yep, you guessed it.. Nail artists from topcoat.me were on hand to treat attendees to the nail art of their dreams. It's true, I've really been enjoying my nail art novice posts. There's a huge sense of achievement creating nail art, and finding inspiration online is my new favourite past time. I've never let a professional nail artist loose on my nails though. So not only was this a proper holiday treat but I got to learn so much too.


It was a pretty sweet set up and as my nails were transformed we were actually being filmed, which was then projected on a big screen. I decided to go for a galaxy design and even picked up a card with step by step instructions to try this effect at home.

Topcoat.me seems like a pretty interesting concept too. Basically it's a website showcasing a collection of nail artists. You simply choose your desired effect and book to have it done with whoever uploaded the image.. Unfortunately, it looks like it's just available in America at the moment, (You lucky lot) but you never know.. If it's a success it might make it's way across the Atlantic sometime soon.

With a mixture of OPI and Essie polishes along with the skilful use of a pointing tool, this was the final effect that lasted for the majority of my three weeks away.

Happy Helen.

How many other nail art novices have had a little bit of professional intervention?


  1. Great blog and great photos! Love it all. xx


    Following you and hope you can visit me too soon :) xxx

  2. Love a good galaxy print! I love them :)

  3. Big fan of the jewellery Pierre Le Cat! Great blog too, keep up the great work!




  4. Great galaxy design nail art...I am so in need some menipedi right now....

  5. Love your nails!
    Great photos.
    Adela x


  6. Beautiful pictures! I love how your nails turned out. The jewelry and shades are also wonderful.




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