8 October 2013

California in pictures.. #CALIWEEK

Today's post marks the end of my #CALIWEEK series.. 

Ok, ok.. Caliweek + 1 day. Hey, it's my blog and I'm in charge of the maths.

This is a picture heavy post documenting our trip from San Fransisco, through Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and Santa Barbara. Next was Malibu, Hollywood, Newport Beach, San Diego and back to L.A. to catch the flight home. It already seems too long ago..

San Fransisco was our first stop, and probably my favourite. We did all the sights along with uncovering a few hidden gems. The pufferfish were hung up in a rum bar we researched before we left. (Rum is a priority of ours..) Good job, as we'd never have spotted it. From the outside it looked like a residential building, but inside it was like a hidden cove full of pirate treasure. This is where we got pretty tipsy 'sampling' the rum-only cocktail menu.

After road tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway and sleeping in the little camper van we'd hired for our journey, glamping in Santa Barbara felt like the ultimate luxury. We'd only just got started..

No one, least of all me, had confidence in my boating skills. (For one, it's sailing..) Fortunately our room for the night was moored up in the harbour so no 'boating' required.

Rooftop balcony apartment in San Diego, beach house with a pool in Malibu and A BOAT.. Thank you Airbnb. I won't be looking anywhere else for accommodation from now on.

Our final day in L.A. Prizes if you can spot the Hollywood sign..

It might have been two years after the wedding, but our honeymoon wasn't half worth the wait..

Right then.. Where next?



  1. This all looks amazing! I'm so glad you had a lovely time!!

  2. Looks really beautiful.
    Some great photos.


  3. stop having such a perfect time! need to go over now too! x

  4. these pictures are so beautiful, i'm just a tad jealous about your trip, looks like you had the best time. one day i WILL go to L.A ah! x

  5. Amazing pics, looks like you had a brill time. I SO want to USA it's number 1 on my list, so jealous! x

  6. Fab fab FAB pictures, looks lke you had the most amazing time!!xxx

  7. These are some beautiful pictures. I especially love the one overlooking the ocean with the bird!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  8. Wow that rum bar and glamping looks awesome! Your trip looks perfect :)

  9. urgh, i really want to go back to the us but i don't have any money as i am a full time student. such beautiful pictures. cali is just so beautiful.


  10. Beautiful photos!! Looks like you had an amazing time! I'd love to visit Cali at some point!



  11. Wow seriously, your photos are lush!! This all looks so fun, I definitely agree with the wine quote! The glamping looks fun this is definitely something I want to try some day and wow your other accommodations looks ridiculously nice! I need to check out this airbnb I've heard alot of good things about it.





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