1 October 2013

How I wear jewellery: On holiday.. #CALIWEEK

Regular readers of Pierrelecat will know I've recently come back from my honeymoon in California. There's also a chance my regular readers will be getting sick of me banging on about it too.. So I've come up with the perfect solution.. That solution is #CALIWEEK

#CALIWEEK will be a collection of posts all based around our travels across California. After ONE WEEK of venting and professing my undying love for this American state (along with my usual mix of nail art, jewellery and even a beauty post?!) I promise I will finally shut up about it.*

Oh, and I made a banner. Can't beat a bit of a theme, can you?

So today's post is taking a look at some of the jewellery I wore in San Fransisco along with my two cents worth when it comes to packing jewellery for your own holiday adventures.

Rings - Market, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Dixi

One of the reasons I love going on holiday is getting the chance to wear all those bits and pieces you've been 'saving.' I like trying them in weird and wonderful combinations in a place where no one knows me. (So no one will judge, right?) Working out what works, what doesn't and coming home with a lot of different options as to how to wear what you already have.. Or maybe that's just me?

That was the plan for my three week trip anyway..

I fell in love with this necklace combination in our first port of call, San Fransisco. Each necklace a favourite of mine, but never worn together before. I love it when things just work out.

However, I didn't really get to try many more combinations.. We were constantly hopping from hotel, to camper van, to boat (Yes. We stayed on a boat!) that I was living out of a suitcase for the majority of our trip. It was impossible to unpack everything at every destination, so I'd usually just grab whatever was on the top of my bag that day.

Not that I'm complaining. Mixing up my jewellery was the last thing on my mind in Cali, but I definitely learned that packing less is more. I managed to rotate a few jewellery pieces that went with just about everything I owned and not forgetting some of the amazing items I found while I was out there. More on that later this week..

One of the many jewellery stalls on an LA market we were lucky enough to find

So this is what I'd recommend if you're trying to decide what to take with you on holiday: 

 - If you're going on holiday soon; GREAT. Invest in a travel jewellery roll like this (avoiding any potentially fatal tangle situations) and you're good to go, experiment and enjoy. 

- If you lose it will you forgive yourself? If the answer is no then just don't pack it.. I took two midi rings and lost them both. Fortunately, I'd mentally written them off in the car journey to the airport. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. 

- Traveling for a longer amount of time? Just pack the essentials. Like me, jewellery will probably be the last thing on your mind. You might even have some holiday spends to enjoy while you're out there. You never know what you might stumble on and bring home. If you decide to come back, that is..

 So that's the first post in my #CALIWEEK extravaganza. Like the galaxy nails in my photos? You're going to love my next post then..

I also have to say thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway last month. Huge congratulations to Danni who blogs at Gingerbread Smiles. Her blog is well worth a visit..



  1. great jewelries and I love the way you combined them

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  2. Love this post!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

    Let me know!



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