23 September 2013

How I wear jewellery: When I don't wear jewellery..

I am over the moon to be introducing my final guest poster today. If you read SallyTangle as avidly as I do you can't help but fall in love with her beautiful photography. Sally is also among the bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting and I love that her blog posts are written almost exactly as she speaks..

I hope you've enjoyed how each of my guest bloggers have taken my 'nail art novice' and 'how I wear jewellery' topics and interpreted them in a totally different way.. Not only has Sally's photos pretty much captured the end of summer for me but it's another unique version of the 'how I wear jewellery' theme. Enjoy..

Hello and how do you do?! I was honoured when Helen asked if I would like to write a little guest post while she was away. Naturally I cartwheeled at the chance! Helen’s blog is one of my favourites and I am constantly amazed by the beautiful treasures and trinkets she comes across – I sometimes wish I was half as adventurous and cool.
If I’m honest with you, jewellery itself doesn’t play and huge, whopping part in my day-to-day outfits.  If you have ever read my blog or stumbled upon my instagram feed, you will see that I am a huge lover of anything printed and crazy and colourful and that the thought of wearing head to toe black makes me want to curl up and cry! That’s not to say that I don’t love accessories! I like to think that I have a small and edited collection of accessories that I have built up (and often add to) and like to think that I’ll be wearing them until they fall apart.  So I thought I’d introduce you to some of my favourites! 

First up, it’s my beloved Cambridge Satchel.  This is my favourite bag of all time EVER, and I highly doubt anything will beat it.  It was a Christmas gift last year, and bought in the prettiest willow green to match my Dutch pushbike, Willow. It’s the perfect size for the essentials, which is great for me. If there is extra space in a bag, something will find its way in there - be it a tin of almonds or a sneaky packet of Loveheart sweets.  I love that it’s an unusual colour, but not jazzy enough to take away from whatever crazy mish-mash I happen to be sporting!

Second up is probably one of the silliest and cheapest items of jewellery I own, but it’s meaning is more sentimental. 
Say hello to my sterling silver ‘Love’ necklace, purchased from Accessorize just after I began working there.  I never take it off and it sits prettily on my neck and goes politely with anything I choose to wear and never complains!  I love that it’s a discreet little thing and keeps itself to itself and that I can still pile on longer beads and necklaces without having to worry.

 Thirdly are my ever growing collection of silk scarves! Most of these come from Accessorize where I work.  We are expected to wear current accessories (it’s a hard life!) and scarves are something I can do lots of things with!!!  It’s safe to say that I wear a scarf somewhere every single day.  I love to plait them through my hair; to tie them in a turban to hide those ‘i’ve slept in so couldn’t wash my hair’ days or to fasten one to my bag or wrist.  If I had to pick, my favourite would be the bright orange Meg Matthews for Liberty Russian Doll print scarf, but it’s a tough one!!!

Lastly are my ‘im feeling super cool and actually look quite fashionable’ kind of accessories.  Both of these were relatively cheap and bought to add a bit more fun to what I wear. My white flower garland received mixed responses when I bought it back in May. The general consensus was that I resembled Julius Caesar. But it was as close as I would be getting to festival dressing this summer and I have worn the pretty little thing A LOT. It looks so pretty with a floaty maxi skirt, old tshirt and ballet pumps. I have recently been wearing it with my dark blue skinny jeans; a printed blouse and a cream oversized cardi. It is the perfect way to Summer-up something when the sun shines! (or even if it doesn’t!)

Another little something I have worn to death recently, is my khaki green Fedora. When I tried it on many moons ago, I wasn’t sure I was cool enough to be that gal. Then I bought it anyway, because, well I could just pretend I was. I LOVE it.  It pulls together everything I put it with and I instantly look a bit more undone whilst looking a bit more pulled together and like I have thought about what I am wearing a lot (this rarely happens!).

So there you go!  I hope you enjoyed my excitable witterings about my favourite accessories and that you might bob over and say hello on my little space of the internet.  I just want to thank Helen for having me and making me feel so welcome and hope that she is having a jolly good honeymoon!!!!!!

Lots of love,
Sallytangle xxx

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  1. This post is really cute and I'm so jealous of you working in Accessorize- its heaven!!

  2. Great post! :)

    xo, Inês


  3. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (340), would you mind to follow back?


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  4. Work at Accessorize? WELL JEL!

    I could spend hours in there, ha!


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