16 September 2013

How I wear jewellery: On my wedding day..

Today I'm celebrating my second wedding anniversary. If my predictions are correct we'll mainly be spending the day sipping cocktails in L.A., admiring the goodies I may have purchased from Melrose Trading Post the day before and preparing to dance the night away at a Darwin Deez gig later tonight. On the blog however, I thought I'd share with you the jewellery I wore on my wedding day two years ago.

The hair slide was probably my favourite piece of jewellery I was wearing. I'm not a massive fan of sequins or sparkles, so finding the right wedding-y accessories was a bit of a challenge. When I came across Gillian Million (Actually, I have a funny feeling it was my Mam who found her first..) I knew I'd found something pretty incredible. 
 I'd never considered wearing a hair comb, but this piece was a mixture of unusual, vintage style charms in a completely chaotic and quirky setting.. And about as much sparkle as I could handle. We are a perfect match.

The morning of the wedding my husband-to-be surprised me with this beautiful necklace. I'd decided to go for a gold wedding and engagement ring, and this necklace worked perfectly.

So yeah, I don't do sequins.. Apart from maybe this bag. Hey, I needed somewhere to stash my tissues, didn't I?

My grandmas engagement ring was my 'something old' (which weirdly was really similar to my own engagement ring) and I wore it on my right hand on the day. Traditionally a brides left hand shouldn't have any rings on until the groom places the wedding band on during the ceremony.. Well, that's what my Mam said anyway.

And there we are.. Me, Rob and a couple of cheesy grins.

So while we're celebrating in L.A. today there probably won't be much of this..

But definitely plenty of this..

PS. There's still time to enter my first ever give away..


  1. aw what a lovely post. and what lovely jewellery you wore on your wedding day! i do love the hair comb and sweet little necklace. have a fab time in LA, petal! xxx

  2. Helen you looked beautiful!!!!! Loved this sweet little post. Happy wedding anniversary!!!!!xxxx

  3. I love this jewellry and you looked beautiful Helen :)

  4. You looked beautiful. I love your hair. I hope you had an amazing honeymoon. X

  5. You looked so beautiful :) xx


  6. Awww your wedding pics are so pretty! I hate all of my wedding pics! Lol, I love your jewelry! So simple and classic! <3

  7. this is so sweet, the jewelerry is the perfect compliment to your dress. if the shoes are off that means it's been a good night aha! x



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