6 September 2013

How I wear jewellery: A collection within a collection..

Did you know about my obsession with jewellery? If not, err.. Where have you been?! Anyway, for my second guest blogger I've managed to find someone with an equally huge jewellery obsession AND she even makes her own jewellery items! (Check out butterfLypie and prepare to be amazed..) Meet Clare and lets all ogle her beaut of a silver ring collection..

Hello, Pierre le Cat readers, I’m Clare [or ClareBear!] and I’m here doing a guest post while the lovely Helen is away, how exciting!

Not only am I a jewellery maker and a blogger from the North East, I also have a serious obsession with jewellery in general. This post is about my wee ‘collection’ of chunky stone rings, which make up a TEENY percentage of my jewellery collection overall. Srsly, I really do have too much jewellery, but that cant be a bad thing, right?

Here are some of my favourite chunky stone rings:
 Silver ring with blue ‘stone’ - Primark
Sterling silver cage ring with genuine moonstone - Silver By Mail
Silver ring with faux turquoise stone - Debenhams
Sterling silver ring with genuine pearl – Silver By Mail
Silver ring with BIG faux stone – Primark
Small faux turquoise ring – LLYMLRS


I got this ring in Primark around 5 months ago for about £2 and I just love it, it’s a good size without being too big [not that I mind a BIG RING!] and it goes with a lot of things, so I wear it a lot!

I got this ring around 3 years ago, and I LOVED it from the moment I saw it online and thought it was really quirky and unusual. I also really like moonstone, so I liked the idea of the teeny gem in there. It was around £24, which is good for the amount of sterling silver that’s in there I think!

This ring I got pretty recently in the Debenhams sale for around £3, which is great! I really like how big and chunky the setting around the stone is. Lovely.

I LOVE this ring and have had it for a few years now, and I have worn it a LOT. I think it was around £15, but its real silver, so yeah!

I also LOVE this big chunky ring that I got about a month ago, if not less, for only £1 in the Primark sale! YIPPEE.

This ring is from the online shop of popular blogger/youtuber Lily Melrose, and I got it for around £2 when she had a sale on in her shop [which is now sold out].
I hope you like my little collection of some of my chunky stone/gem rings, do you have mini collections of jewellery within your main jewellery collection too, or is it just me!?

I do hope you’ve enjoyed having me here while Helen is away on her belated honeymoon [the lucky devil!] and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and looking at this, I have very much enjoyed writing it!

love from
A collection within a collection? Oh, I like it.. I reckon I might have a few! Have you?!

PS. Have you had a chance to enter my first ever give away yet? It's your chance to win some amazing jewellery items to add to any collection..


  1. Dear Helen,
    I've been reading your blog for a long time and I just wanted to say that I really love what you're doing!

    You're a lovely young lady!

    xx, Mirna


  2. Blue-stone rings are my favourite kind of ring! Mut be my inner geologist coming out! Congrats on your wedding by the way!!! :)

  3. Gosh, what a beautiful collection! Rings add a touch of glamour to any outfit IMO.

    Sophie at soinspo.blogspot.co.uk



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