5 September 2013

Nail art novice: The lightning bolt..

Well I've only gone and fled the country, haven't I? Only for three weeks though. I'm sure I'll be back. Maybe..

In the meantime I've called in one of my favourite bloggers to give you her words of wisdom and a simple way of creating a really stunning nail art effect. Get your copy and paste buttons at the ready, Jo's Top Tips are definitely worth noting down..

Hi to all Helen’s Nail Art Novice readers, it’s Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place! As I am also a nail art novice and Helen very kindly asked me if I would do a nail art guest post for her while she is away, of course I jumped at the chance…

I am going to show you a little method for easy, effective lightning bolt nails.
First up, here are the colours I used…

 Sinful Colours in 940 Rise & Shine (LOVE Sinful Colours, super cheap, big bottles, dries fast and long lasting! You can buy it in most Boots)
Nails Inc matte finish in 469 Oxford Street
Seche Vite dry fast top coat

Paint nails in your first chosen colour. This is the colour you want the lightning bolt to be. (Generally lighter colours work best for this.) 

Top Tip: Let the first colour dry COMPLETLEY first, no short cuts, no impatience. In fact it is even better if you wait until the next day or a good few hours later until moving onto the next step. 

Next carefully stick on nail art stickers. (They can be purchased here.) These are fab and I'd highly recommend them. They are really easy to use, cheap and you get loads in different designs so endless nail art possibilities! 

Ensure that the sticker is pressed down firmly; gaps mean leakage in your design, ew!

Top Tip: Try putting the stickers on your sleeve or leg first to loose some of the stickiness, just to ensure they don’t pull off your first colour.

Now get ready with your second colour and paint either side of the sticker.  Be sure to go right up to and over the sticker to make sure you get a clean edge.  I love this matte black as it dries quickly lessening the likelihood of leakage. 

It’s probably a good idea here to use a strong colour and a varnish that has thick coverage. Ideally you only want one coat for this top colour. As soon as you have painted, whip off the sticker quickly, don’t wait until each nail is done as the edges might go a bit funny.

Top Tip: Have somewhere ready to put the stickers; they have wet paint on them so you probably don’t want to end up sticking them on yourself!

Ta da! Don’t they look pretty?! Easy peasy cool nail art.  Everyone will be AMAZED at your skills! Haha. Last step is to finish off with a top coat. 

The top coat just protects the paint and blends the two together so there are no bumps. By FAR the bestest top coat is Seche Vite, try searching Amazon for it, will cost a few pennies but oh so worth it. You can put it on half dry nails and it speed dries them, as in full on touch dry, rock hard. LOVE it, and it’s super shiny too.

Hope you have enjoyed this little nail art novice tutorial. Thanks for having me Helen! You can peak at a few more of my nail sticker designs on my blog.

Have you ever given nail art stickers a go? Leave us a link to your posts! (We'd love to have a look)

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