2 September 2013

Pierrelecat and the jewellery giveaway..

Not too long back I saw my little GFC counter reach 300 followers and I couldn't be happier. From a modest target of 100, I never imagined I'd get to this point. What better way to celebrate than by getting a few of my favourite jewellery pieces together and giving my amazing followers a chance of winning them all!

So here's what you could win..

An awesome black leather style studded cuff with gold plated studs from Love From Misbehave.

A ring I am completely in love with. This is a beautifully wrapped quartz crystal adjustable ring from Little Gems.

Remember when I was going on about elephants? Get one in your life with this beaut of a necklace from Traditional Heart

And how do you get your hands on all of the above? Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below*.. (No cheating, mind.. I will be checking!)

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to click that follow button and I hope these hand picked jewellery items (all paid for by me!) will go some way to show you how grateful I really am.

My giveaway opens on Monday 2nd of September and I'll be off on my honeymoon on Tuesday.. I'll be back just in time for the competition closing on Friday 27th September. I've got a few scheduled posts lined up until then (with some very special guest bloggers.. Woop!) and you never know, the L.A. sunshine may inspire me to post while I'm out there too.

Until then I'm wishing you lots of luck and I'll see you when I get back..

*Unfortunately this competition is open only to UK residents. No international entries this time I'm afraid!


  1. lovely giveaway, have a great honeymoon :) x


  2. Great give away!
    Congrats and enjoy your honeymoon.


  3. Oh, you're too kind to us! That elephant necklace is amazing! Congrats on reaching 300 and enjoy your honeymoon :) xx




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