28 August 2013

Nail art novice: Blue sky thinking..

This week my nail art novice tutorial has been inspired by the blue skies that finally made it up to Cumbria. Well, that and a couple of new nail varnish purchases.. Woops!

L-R: Rimmel Metal Rush (Royal Blue), Rimmel 60 Seconds (Mind the Gap), Boots base coat and Barry M (Matt White).
During the bank holiday weekend there almost wasn't a cloud in the sky, but this week there will be a few on my nails.. And it's actually quite easy. Nail art novices rejoice.. You can probably try this one at home tonight!

Gah! How annoying is it when you forget to turn your ring the right way round on a photo? And only realise too late!

 My intention was to do something else on the accent finger. I'd considered a cloud contrasting crescent moon (They're all the rage, y'know?) but I thought the Rimmel Metal Rush blue/ purple effect was as crazy as I wanted to go.

So, what is the secret weapon that has earned a place in my nail art novice essential kit and is answer to all my cloud related nail effect worries?

It's the humble bobby pin of course!

Simply paint your nails as usual and tip a little bit of your chosen cloud colour onto a plastic surface (like cling film). Next, get dabbing and experiment! Sure, I've got a couple of wonky clouds, but the overall effect is pretty impossible not to recognise and can only improve with practice. Also, it's probably the quickest I've created a bit of nail art since I started this series.

The best thing about the bobby pin? It isn't just a one trick nail art prop.. I'm thinking polka dots and flowers, not to mention being able to find a handful in every room of my house in all different shapes and sizes. I'm feeling so inspired I doubt these clouds will last the week..

What has been your nail art inspiration this week?


  1. These look awesome! I've used a kirby grip to do polka dot nails before and was surprised by how easy it is xx


  2. nice nail polish colours and those sky and cloud patterns are super cute!

    check out my latest post featuring my trip to Melbourne! :)

  3. going to attempt those clouds on my nails, it's so cute :)
    Alicekatex ♥

  4. Loved this blogpost sooo much! reminds me of the blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar from lush lol

    love your blog! new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :) I have just posted my august faves :)


  5. This is such a great idea! I will have to try this before summer is over! xx

    Trial and Error Beauty

  6. So cute! Great idea for a nail art tool! :)




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