26 August 2013

Spotlight on: Jewellery with a message..

I like to say what I mean, so if my jewellery helps me out in that department then I'm all in..

1. Sometimes I like to confuse people too.. This is a vintage necklace my friend got me years ago. No, my name isn't Lesley.
2. A selection of my word based jewellery.. The top necklace says 'Astonishing' and is from H&M, the middle one says 'Helen' (my real name..) and the bottom necklace has a spoon charm and says 'Eat Me' from Love Hearts and Crosses.
3. Initial bracelets representing me and my other half. The 'H' is from Matalan and the 'R' is from Urban Outfitters. 

When I started blogging about jewellery I asked on Twitter for some recommendations of jewellery shops that I should check out. Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place suggested Tatty Devine. Although I'd come across some of their jewellery items before, I found an amazing necklace that said exactly what I wish I was brave enough to shout sometimes.. Mainly in public.

The Aarrghhhh necklace perfectly describes my Monday morning mood most weeks.. And sometimes on a Friday night too.

For a little bit of calm and tranquility this bracelet from Black Cat Jewellery has the printed dictionary definition for peace, framed in a vintage look charm. This is a really lovely alternative to simply having the word peace on an item which is all over the high street at the moment.. 

 I'd love to say I was brave enough to wear rings like this, but I'd worry I might get told off.. I still think these personalised rings from Etsy are pretty rad. I love wire jewellery and midi rings, and I like that you almost have to look twice to say what it says.. Being such a pretty, delicate ring I kind of like the contradiction of the message.

What does your jewellery say about you? And yes, I mean that literally..


  1. Haha I love those rings. So cool! x


  2. lovely post, helen, i have lots of name/word necklaces and im LOVING those rings!

  3. Haha I love those rings, although I'm not sure I'd brave them either! The peace bracelet is adorable too & such a cute idea :) xx


  4. You jewelry is all so cute! :)



  5. oooh thanks for the little mention! Of course you can't talk about jewellery without mentioning Tatty Devine, their name necklaces are classic, I live in my 'Jo'. Love the spoon and eat me necklace tho, very cute. x

  6. I love those rings, though like you I don't know if I'd dare go out with them...

  7. I LOVE rings - any kinds at all! My favourite are either statement necklaces, charm bracelets or vintage jewellery (:

    Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. those rings are so cool!

    please check out my blog, if you have the time,

  9. the necklaces are all so cute! it must be funny when people assume your name is lesley.x



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