23 August 2013

Nail art novice: The drippy nail..

This weeks nail art novice effect is a case of picking up the essentials..

Top coat and quick dry varnish - As before
Rimmel - Cute as a Kitten Heel and Black Cab

And one very important (and very cheap) addition..

Yep, you guessed it. It's the cleverly titled and surprisingly true, really useful cocktail sticks! Add all of the pictured ingredients together and you should get something like this..

Here you have an effective yellow nail with black 'drip' effect. I've tried this effect before and, to be honest, I was more successful first time around. I think I got a little bit too sure of myself and it wasn't quite as good as it's been before. That's one of the thing with an effect like this.. Each time it'll look completely different..

The technique? Simply paint your nails as usual and once dry, dip your (really useful) cocktail stick into the contrasting colour nail varnish. Make sure there's a enough on the tip so it's almost dripping off the stick and place it half way down the nail.

As the drop of nail varnish dollops onto the nail, drag the cocktail stick up to the edge in a wiggly fashion, to create the drippy effect.. And voilà! Leave them to dry, quick lick of top coat and you're good to go. I reckon this would be the perfect nail art effect for a Halloween outfit. Maybe in purple and orange, or luminous green and black?!

So I was good to go apart from coming across a few problems.. I managed to made the 'drips' a bit too thick. Despite my quick dry varnish, top coat and what I thought was plenty of time, I managed to smudge them almost instantly. I think there is an easier and smudge free way of creating this effect. It may possibly involve a nail art brush investment.. But until my inclination to buy specialist equipment, I'm happy creating a slightly riskier version.

Another tip is making sure to use contrasting colours. I tried this in purple and blue. It still took me ages to do, but having to shove my hand into friends faces just so they could see properly wasn't half as fulfilling.

What are your favourite nail art tools that you can find around the house? Any more nail art no-nos for a nail art novice?


  1. How simple!
    Definitely buying cocktail sticks the next time I attempt nail art.
    Thanks for the tip.


  2. this is such a cool idea! definitely going to try this xx


  3. This looks great! :)



  4. These look so cool! I always want to try out new nail art but I never have the patience haha xx


  5. Good idea to use cocktail sticks! Love the colour combo x


  6. Beautiful colours, they really compliment eachother and stand out :)
    Check out my blog- http://hannahsbubbe.blogspot.co.uk/
    Follow me on twitter- @hannahsblogs

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