21 August 2013

How I wear jewellery: A gold edit..

Up until a couple of years ago I used to be gold through and through. Well, what I mean is I had an endless supply of gold necklaces from my local charity shops, too many gold bangles to wear all at once and a never ending quest to add more to my collection.

And then I just.. Stopped.

I used to love the looks of 'where the hell has she found that thing?' but once gold started popping up on the high street, it suddenly wasn't as fun to wear. So what exactly do I do with all of my golden items now? Fortunately I still have my gold days due to one very special piece..

Rings - America, eBay, Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - eBay, Matalan
Charm bracelet - My own creation! (Includes vintage charms)

My love for triangles and other simple shapes is pretty apparent in this little ensemble and I enjoy breaking up the gold with my black and white rings. Have you spotted what my favourite item is?

Charms - Pig, cupid, Blackpool Tower, trumpet, cat in a bin (that moves!) and a champagne bottle

 Yep, you guessed it.. It's my charm bracelet. This is my favourite piece of gold jewellery and it's made up of a mixture of vintage, antique and new charms. Despite falling a little bit out of love with gold recently, I can always find an excuse to crack this beauty out.

Has anyone else got a jewellery item they can't help but fall in love with no matter what the current trend?


  1. I love the charm bracelet. Also your top is gorgeous!
    Emelye xo

  2. love your blog hun! just followed you on blogger and insta! keep in touch lovely xx


  3. My jewellery collection is pitifully small so posts like this always make me want to go out and stock up! I love your triangle necklace and white ring! xx


  4. Fab post. I used to have a beautiful charm bracelet that belonged to my Mum but I lost it in a move. My friend bought me one as a replacement and you've inspired me to start collecting charms to add to it. :)

    Lindsay at Scottish Outlander (http://www.scottishoutlander.co.uk/)



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