1 July 2013

My summer of Big Blogger..

So after my brainwave moment and deciding to change my focus on Pierrelecat as a jewellery obsessive, I've gone and said yes to trying something else that's a little bit different to fashion blogging.. Well, kind of?!

Festival fashion at Country House Outdoor
Now I'm not giving up on Pierrelecat just yet, but I've gone and entered a blogging competition. As an entrant in the Big Blogger competition with Cumbria Live I'll be writing an entertainment based blog focusing on music, exhibitions and all that other fun stuff that's going on in my hometown. As you can see from the picture above, I've even been able to get a bit of fashion in there with this post.. Bargain Hunter Wellies? YES PLEASE.
I've been loving writing about something a bit different and if there's anything I'm passionate about it's supporting my local music scene. If you're into music keep an eye out for the end of this week where I'm reviewing my favourite local artist. He has to be seen to be believed and he could be coming to a town near you..
So why am I banging on about it on Pierrelecat? Well, it doesn't matter how good my posts are because it's all about the page views. So if you have a spare minute I would be forever grateful if you could click this link, have a read of my recent blog posts and help me stay in the competition for another week..
What do you think lovely fashion and lifestyle bloggers? Have you been tempted to try another blogging avenue? Is your favourite band coming to Cumbria and fancy a shout out? Leave a comment or send me an email at pierrelecatblog@gmail.com
Normal jewellery obsessed, cat crazy blogging to resume soon..


  1. Hello mrs! Just popped over to have a peep at what you have been up to and i flipping love it! Wishing you lots of luck in your other new direction ;)
    Sal xxxx

  2. Great post!


    Brittany, xx

  3. Really great post and it's good to help others as well! :D

    Christina xx



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