19 July 2013

Jewellery and the geek..

In my endless jewellery search I came across this ring recently and it just made me go WOW!

It wasn't until I had a read about the people that created this piece of jewellery that I really fell in love. It was created by Nervous System who are a set of designers taking inspiration from natural phenomena. This silver hyphae ring was inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to human circulatory systems. And it's not just rings. You can find everything from algae earrings to cell cycle bangles all of which I didn't realise could look so beautiful.

So why don't I have one to add to my collection? Well, this particular piece would set me back over £200 (and that's before postage from America!) and although there are a few items around about the £5 mark on their site, I decided to see to try and see if I could find any other scientifically inspired jewellery.

The first thing that came to my mind when thinking of jewellery inspired by the human body was an anatomical heart. I'm not a massive fan of the cartoon hearts that you usually find on jewellery and clothes. For me there's just something a bit too cutesy about them. An anatomical heart, like the one pictured in the necklace I found on Etsy, is a whole different story. It's an organ so crucial to a humans survival but at the same time it's still a universal symbol for love.. In it's natural anatomical form I think it's far more beautiful.

Slightly trickier to print it on a pretty summer dress though..

The next piece I came across was a molecular inspired jewellery line. The necklace pictured above is actually a serotonin molecule which induces feelings of happiness, satisfaction and relaxation in the human body. Scientist turned artist Raven Hanna created her molecular jewellery line after recognising the same neurotransmitter chemicals while reading about science and moods.

I love it's simple, delicate and somewhat geometric design that pretty much symbolises happiness.. Only in a cooler more scientific way.

Recognise this? Well it's not exactly something we see every day but it's what we're all made out of.. These earrings are inspired by the double helix DNA, which is the molecule that encodes the genetic instructions in all known living organisms. Sure, it's probably a bit more complicated than that but these earrings give a nod to the different things that make you.. Well, you! Completely understated and utterly stunning. Something worth getting my ears pierced for..

So that's me geeking out and getting my jewellery obsession involved while I'm at it.. What's inspiring your jewellery choices at the moment?

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  1. oh my god, the jewellery are so perfect, i'm a science type person and recognised what they are even though they look like detailed pieces, wow!


  2. wowzers their pieces are so amazing! Very clever



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