21 June 2013

Spotlight on.. Supermarket Jewellery

At the start of the year, anyone that follows me on Twitter may remember this Tweet I sent..

Ok, who am I kidding.? I seriously doubt anyone will remember that.. But I sure do. Why? Because my love for Sainsbury's just continues to grow.

Maybe it's because I've found that if you buy coconut milk from the Polish section it's 50p cheaper? (The Polish food section is so much more exciting than any other section..) Maybe it's because the Gok Wan skinny black jeans have the potential to be my new favourite pair of skinny black jeans? (I haven't bought them yet. I've just tried them on and not stopped thinking about them since. They're seriously flattering guys..)

Maybe it's because today I discovered their jewellery section. And boy, was it pretty..

A few of the sweet picks of the jewellery now available at Sainsbury's..

Firstly, apologies for the slightly blurred pictures. You'll be pleased to know I was subsequently followed by a little security guard for the next hour, (Hey.. I like a browse!) which included an awkward 15 minutes both staring at Lego (For my nephews.. The purpose of my shopping trip) and ultimately ending in the alarms going off as I left. Unfortunately he was too busy lurking inconspicuously by the veg to take the tag off the top I bought and check the rest of my bags. Better luck next time, Mr. (I didn't steal anything FYI)

Sainsbury's.. If you're going to make you're jewellery so pretty, be prepared for the fashion bloggers to snap it!

But wow, right?! Mixed metals. Mini owls. Floral hairclips. Toucans. Dreamcatchers. There were even scrunchies. I kid you not.. Sainsbury's are on fire right now.

As you know I'm still not feeling the love for gold at the moment and I'm not too sure of diamante either, so when I saw this bracelet in the silver section (which, unfortunately, there wasn't as much of as I would have liked) I knew I had to have it.

Serious arm candy or what?

As you can see I'm just wearing it on it's own, but I can't wait to try and mix it up a bit with a few different bits and pieces.

I definitely think that supermarkets are overlooked for their clothing and accessory sections. Sainsbury's Tu range is definitely worth a second look. (This cuff though.. For only £5?! I'm sure there was something like this in Urban Outfitters not so long back..) Adding a few pieces from the current collection into what you already own can keep you looking pretty fresh over summer without spending a fortune.

You can thank me for the bargain coconut milk heads up another time..

What do you think? Have supermarkets got it right as far as quick fix jewellery goes? Have you tried Tesco or Asda? I'd love to hear your thoughts..


  1. The fourth photo (the owly/mixed charm) necklace is AWESOME!!! x

  2. Love the owls! So cute, would never have expected jewellery like that in a supermarket! xx


    1. It could get dangerous though couldn't it? You're popping in for your tea and you come out with a new jewellery collection!

  3. Lovely! I am about to follow you. Maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? PS- I love your blog!!

    1. Thanks so much Charlotte.. Really kind!

  4. Supermarket jewellery is so underrated. I've got some lovely things in Sainsbury's :)





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