14 June 2013

Pierrelecat Cocktail Hour.. The After Work Cosmo!

In keeping with my How to Wear Jewellery: The Job Interview post yesterday, I thought it was only right to feature a simple after-work cocktail for another new blog regular. Introducing Pierrelecat Cocktail Hour!

My cocktail of choice for an after work special is The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmo is a simple and tasty mix of a few complementary ingredients that you might already have in the house. If you do have to stock up on couple of things, it can all be picked up at your local supermarket. You don't even need to go for the most expensive makes either! Tesco's own vodka does the job just as well..

You will need..
50ml vodka
20ml Triple Sec
20ml lime juice (That's about 1 fresh lime, although bottled lime juice can be used)
40ml cranberry juice

The method..

Add the ingredients into a cocktail shaker..

Rings - Matalan, H&M, Dixi
Necklace - Delilah Dust

Shake well? Strain and serve? It really is that simple.. This has got to be the perfect cocktail after a hard day at work, yes? Now kick of your shoes and enjoy!

This recipe serves one cocktail, so to make it for two just double all the ingredients. I tried this drink with both fresh limes and lime juice. Fresh lime gives quite a mellow taste, whereas lime juice brings an overall more lime-y quality to the cocktail. You're probably going to have to try it to know what I mean!?

Have I got it right? Is this THE ultimate after work cocktail? Do you have any recipes you'd like me to try out in the future? As always I'd love to hear what you think..


  1. Oooo yummy!
    Just what I would like right now.


    1. Yep.. Pretty much any day, any time is cocktail hour in my eyes!

  2. LOVE this. If ever you need anyone to try out these cocktails on, im sure i can free up some time ;)

    Love the beautiful glasses too xxxx

    1. YES !!! How about the Cumbrian Bloggers cocktail hour.. Oh, I'm in!

  3. this cocktail is amazing, i want to try it hha


    1. I've honestly never made any before and this one was actually pretty simple.. I'd definitely have a go!

  4. Ou yummy, definitely something I'll be trying on a warm summer day, or any day really. Thanks for sharing!
    - Hailey x


  5. Oh gosh, I am in dire need of getting a cocktail shaker!
    Purely so I can make myself cosmos on summer days or after a stressful day at work..

    Great post dear :)



    1. Exactly why we have one.. I'm finding plenty of time to 'practice' my cocktail making skills now!



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