5 June 2013

Pierrelecat: This week I've been wearing..

Ok, it's official.. I'm a complete 90's convert.

Midi dress - Miss Selfridge
Waistcoat - Vintage (also featured here)
Sandals - Topshop (last year)
Sunglasses - Vans

..And this is about as summery as I get.

So another year of university is complete and I've just enjoyed a look around our second year exhibition. It's crazy to think how quickly time passes. I've managed to bag myself an awesome summer job, we've got plans to do a bit of travelling (Who knows.. Maybe even fit our honeymoon in. Only two years late, like!) AND a whole lot of other ideas.

Rings - Market, Matalan and Dixi

Just add plenty of silver and it's grunge to go..

Now all I need to do is keep myself motivated and get into a good routine.. As long as I avoid getting involved in another series of Real Housewives I might actually come away from this summer break with something to show for it. I'm even considering using that gym membership I continue to pay for..

Summer 2013.. LET'S DO THIS.


  1. Lovely outfit. The sandals are lovely, I'm after a pretty black pair but i'm struggling! I also love your ring collection, very hippy.

    Lindsey. x

  2. love your rings, love your skirt, love your glasses.. love everything! you look super cool! :)

  3. I'm LOVING the 90's revival. I just hope cycle shorts don't come back in hehe. x

  4. I love 90's too!
    You look great in that midi dress.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Now following on GFC.


  5. Love your rings! I've been thrifting a lot lately and findings some really cool jewelry pieces.

    By the way, i'd love it if you entered my Sephora & Zoya Giveaway!


    Xo, Michelle



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