10 June 2013

Pierrelecat and the new direction..

I couldn’t believe it when I clicked on blogger last week and my little GFC follower total had reached the dizzying heights of 250. I was over the moon. I never expected to get anywhere near that and I’m so grateful to everyone that took the time to click, read or comment. You guys are pretty awesome.
Despite reaching a bit of a milestone for this blog, I still didn’t feel I’m quite there yet. For people that have been following me from the beginning you’ll know that my posts and subject matter can be somewhat sporadic to say the least.
 I mean I LOVE fashion, yet when I come to publish outfit posts I’ve just not been able to get into the routine. Sometimes that navy blue ensemble I wore every day last week just isn’t worth posting about.
Believe it or not I also love beauty, but I’d never make it in the world of beauty blogging. When I find something I like (and that works for my skin!) I tend to stick with it. (Seriously.. Bare Minerals. I tried it 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back!) Anyway, I much prefer reading beauty blogs rather than writing about it myself.
Then there’s crafting, photography, lifestyle, cats, writing, vintage, events.. All of which I’m pretty passionate about, but I’m just not exactly inspired to blog about. Before the weekend I’d pretty much come to the conclusion that pierrelecat might have ran its course.
That was until I posted this picture on Instagram..

A quick snap from my last outfit post got such a good reaction it made me think..
‘I love jewellery.. Like, I REALLY love jewellery.’
And there it was: My Eureka moment.

Since I started blogging, one of the most noticeable differences in my shopping habits has to be the jewellery I’ve began to hoard! I only started wearing rings after this post, and after finding out about so many different independent online jewellery shops through blogging I started following them on Instagram, Twitter and FB. From there my accessory obsession started to grow. I’m now constantly tracking down new designers, finding new collections and looking out for general jewellery inspiration. My jewellery must haves are the pieces no one else has.. But everyone wants!
From an above the knuckle ring or my favourite ankle bracelet, I never leave the house without something a little unique..

So what’s this got to do with pierrelecat?

Well EVERYTHING.. Because that’s exactly what I’m going to start writing about.

So whether it’s a ‘how to wear it’ guide, a spotlight of up and coming jewellery shops like Wish Strings or a bit of fashion accessory forecasting.. I’m planning on covering it all! I’ll be mixing it up with my other passions, but all with a definite jewellery twist. Cocktails and collar clips? YES PLEASE.
..And I can’t wait.

So for now it’s over to you.. Are there any fashion jewellery shops or designers I should be shouting about? Do you need any accessory suggestions for a special occasion? Do you have a specific budget? Are there any jewellery related posts you’d like to see on my blog? Leave me a comment or tweet me. I’d love to hear from you and see what you think of my new blog direction.
Psssst! For a sneak peek into who might be featured on my blog in the future have a look at my jewellery favourites list on Twitter. Get ready for accessory heaven.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much.. I've got a feeling my collection is only going to get bigger!

  2. I'm glad you've found your focus, I'm still looking for mine!
    Excited for your new posts!

    Emma x

    1. Thanks so much.. I'd just try everything and see what fits. It'll definitely happen!

  3. You have some amazing jewellery! Look forward to the new posts xx

    1. Thanks so much.. Looking forward to writing them!

  4. This sounds great, im so glad you didnt decide to stop blogging all together. I don't know of any other jewellery blogs, so will certainly be something different. Cant wait to read the new posts and get to know about cool new brands to check out. you MUST do a piece on Tatty Devine of course! Amazing, British, independent, and the designers just got MBEs! x

    1. Argh!! Jewellery inspiration.. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Jo!



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