14 May 2013

Pierrelecat and the Wish Strings website launch..

Remember in my Pierrelecat in pictures post when I mentioned the event I was helping to organise? The Storehouse event concept was to showcase a range of online fashion, beauty and accessory shops to give you the chance of trying items before buying them.. Also, holding it in a lovely bar in town meant you could have a cocktail while doing so. Genius, right?

Although I've done nothing but write about it for most of my assignments at uni recently,  I couldn't resist sharing one of our online shop finds who made it down for the day. Not only do I count myself a massive fan, but I don't think anyone that attended our event walked passed her stall without picking something up..

And don't worry.. This isn't going to break the bank either!

Wish Strings has to be one of the sweetest online jewellery shops I've come across in a while.. Kelly, the shop owner, started making her items when she realised there was a need for pretty, quirky and fashion led jewellery with an affordable price tag. Starting with bracelets and anklets and more recently creating one of a kind rings, necklaces and earrings, Wish Strings is proving accessories don't need to cost a fortune to get noticed..

After success selling through eBay and Facebook, Kelly has just launched the brand new Wish Strings website. If you've already taken a peek you'll know that Wish Strings also offer customised pieces.. So if you have something in mind but can't find it in store, make sure you get in touch!

Jewellery? Website launch? Bargains? This means only one thing.. A Pierrelecat collage with some of my favourite Wish Strings picks!

So who could resist a monochrome bow ring, an adorable button bracelet and a pack of multi-coloured circle friendship Wish Strings? (You know you'd keep them all to yourself too..)

From as little as £2 a pop prepare to restock your entire jewellery collection over night or make your friends very happy! Show Kelly a bit of love over on the Wish Strings Facebook and Twitter.. You'll be able to keep an eye out for special offers and discounts posted up there too!

What do you think of this online find? Fancy finding out more about some of the other shops that came to our event? Do you own an online shop? Leave your links in the comments!

Ps. As always, this wasn't a sponsored post.. I just wanted to share the love and support an independent UK based online shop!


  1. I love the last one with the key and button. P.S Did you get my reply to your email from ages ago. x

  2. awww! these are so sweet! :)
    p.s I'm completely in love with your blog! Another great cat lover! :) Meow!

  3. I always love your finds. This girl is so talented, her stuff is so pretty :D


  4. Your blog is perfect!! Such a sweet shop as well

    The Clothes Maiden

  5. Looks so cute! I'll certainly be checking this out :) x



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