11 May 2013

Pierrelecat's favourite blog reads #02

It's been a while since I posted about my favourite blog reads, but I thought I'd add a few more to my favourites collection. I love reading blogs, and I especially love finding out who my favourite bloggers read. So if the rain is keeping you indoors this weekend, here's a blogger or two to keep you company..

I couldn't have a list of favourites without including Amy from Amy Knows Best? With a passion for Ideal Home, a wedding to plan and a wicked sense of humour Amy is just ACE. Amy is also one of a handful of people I've been following since my early blogging days all the way back in 2011. Who knows how I found her, but I've never looked back.

Sometimes you come across people in the blogging community and think 'I wish I knew this person in real life.' Amy is exactly that. She'd be the type of friend that would arrange to meet for coffee and already have the cocktails lined up as you waked through the door.

The trials and tribulations of her wedding planning struck a particular chord with me as we seem to have a similar attitude towards it all. It's not about wearing sequins and being a princess, it's about a good do and sharing it with the people you love. For anyone that likes to do things differently and aren't afraid of saying it, this girl is for you..

Another of my favourite blogs includes Lucy Loves To Blog. Again, I can't quite remember how I came across Lucy, but I'm so pleased I did.

Just to warn you, this girl literally does it all. I am in complete awe as to how she fits it in. Her outfit posts have me clicking on just about every link she provides, her beauty posts make me actually want to try the products.. Oh, and she cooks..

When I say cooks, I mean she creates culinary masterpieces. Literally works of art. An Instagram snap of her lunch sends me straight to the fridge. Fortunately for me Lucy has recently started a food blog, ingeniously entitled Lucy Love To Cook. For style inspiration, beauty tips or even a recipe for tea, Lucy will have it covered!

An honourable mention has to be given to a friend of mine that has recently upped sticks and is making his way around the world in a 9 month travelling extravaganza. Will's Worldwide Wandering is Will's blog documenting his trip across Asia, Australia and America.. It's insightful, witty and damn right AWESOME. The photography alone (see above) makes you want to jump on a plane and join him. Don't even get me started on the food photos.. I seriously think I could eat Pad Thai for every meal!

To say I'm hooked to Will's blog is an understatement. A day without a post has become a very dull day indeed. My husband, my brother and my Mam are all counting themselves as huge fans. I've heard that friends who avoid the internet at all costs insist on cracking out the modem and checking for new posts. Seriously, it's that good. So whether you've been travelling before, planning to go sometime in the future or just enjoy reading good writing (I'm all three!) my advice is to take a look.

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment? Leave me your links in the comments! Also, I've gone and joined the Pinterest party.. You can find me here.



  1. I love reading Amys blog yes you do want to be friends with her hehe. Off to check out the other two now :-) xx

  2. Wow these blogs sound seriously good. I'm definitely going to check them out. xx

  3. you girls, too fricking kind. xxx



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