8 October 2012

STYle crush - Grimes

Since my last post I have mainly been obsessing over this lady..

Grimes AKA Claire Boucher is an amazing musician whose sound is influenced by everything from electronic, pop and rock. She's also amazingly stylish. If I could steal anyones wardrobe right now it would be hers..

To be able to go from effortlessly flawless to all out grunge is a big win in my book. Unfortunately, I cannot master either.. So with a little Grimes inspiration I've been trying to find a few ways to achieve her look.

In the second photo on this page Grimes is wearing an awesome looking oversized t-shirt from Long Clothing.. My favourite of their current collection is this one above for only £35..

An oversized t-shirt + my favourite shape print = Instant Grimes
 If anyone can work a sequined jacket as casual day wear it's Grimes.. And if I had to rely on any online vintage shop to have a choice of sequined jackets it's got to be COW. Take your pick and start scaring the elderly.

When I first saw the picture of Grimes in her Bart Simpson sweatshirt I thought of Lazy Oaf right away.. They have big, bold designs that I definitely think would suit Grimes' style... Check out this skull design shirt or if you fancy staying with the cartoon theme, spend your dollar on their Batman collection!

Is it really a Grimes inspired outfit without a pair of sunglasses? Whatever you think, this is the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain pair.. The sunglasses pictured are only £18.00 from ASOS. Who said sunnies are only for summer?!

To get a proper taste of a bit of Grimes style you only need to watch one of her amazing videos.. This one's my favourite. Enjoy.

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  1. very cool post, love it



  2. i absolutely love grimes' style! and those sequin jackets you've shared are amazing!

    laila x

  3. WOW WOW WOW I LOVE her dark hair! xx

    1. Same! She suits just about everything, though!

  4. love her music and her style :) the simpsons jumper is too cool!

    1. I know! Can't find one like it anywhere though! Looks like I'll need a knitting pattern for that bad boy. Now THAT would be a challenge!

  5. Amazing photos, I am now also obsessed! I love Lazy Oaf, will also be checking out Long clothing! Xxx


  6. Great post, I love seeing who bloggers are influenced by. I love Grimes, she does grunge so well!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. Love pretty much everything in this post!! Jeremy Scott is a god! And I'm too addicted to Lazy Oaf, I want the whole store! x

  8. also, she has amazing hair, AND i love that she's such an interesting mix of stunning and also kind of weird looking. i want a sequinned jacket! good shout. xxx

  9. damn, lately everybody's obsessed with Grimes! I found her about a month ago and I have huge girl crush on her ever since ! great post darling x




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