4 November 2012

A FEw weeks in a few photos.. #04

I'm back! Well, in Instagram form.. (@pierrelecat if you fancy following!)

1. Our one year wedding anniversary celebrated with sunflowers and bunting. Obvs.
2. So, we're finally booking our honeymoon.. LA here we come (again!)
3. Cat in a bag #1
4. Part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much. No, I'm not a break-dancer but I've been helping with an exhibition at my local museum. Check out Street Art: Contemporary Prints from the V&A. It's a touring exhibition coming to a city near you!
5. Cat in a bag #2 (Pierre has such expensive tastes..)
6. Pumpkin carving inspired by Banksy..
7. New vintage cowboy boots.. My 4th pair!
8. A bit of street art spotting in Carlisle
9. I heart autumn
10. I'm totally taking up face painting as my new favourite hobby. Oh, and Lady Gaga impersonating!
11. Loved finding the leaves covered in spray paint after some kind of graffiti sesh in Newcastle..
12. Boots and kittens..
13. Birthday present Vans
14. My birthday trip out.. A chandelier made from champagne glasses. I'll be attempting this one at home.. ?!

Turns out keeping on top of 3 jobs doesn't leave too much time for a blog life.. Fortunately, I've got a few bloggy ideas and some very exciting news coming soon!


  1. aww happy anniversary! and i agreee everyone loves face paint! x

    1. Thanks so much.. Yep, not just for Halloween, right?

  2. Happy Anniversary! And I LOVE the face paint - whoa!


  3. The facepaint looks amazing! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea

  4. Great to chat on Twitter tonight Helen... it's nice to meet you! Loving your Instagram pix, your Halloween makeup is amazing! Plus I love your Vans in no.13 and your cat's expression in 12 ;)

    Following you now sweetie (Instagram too), just seen you're following me - thanks so much!! :)

    Catherine x
    (Instagram: @notlamb)



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