11 September 2012

A FEw weeks in a few pictures.. #03

It's been a little while, so I thought I'd do a quick post with what I've been up to..

1. Day trip to Sheffield and a quick visit to COW was in order
2 & 3. After asking for places to go in Sheffield on Twitter, the lovely Jazzpad suggested this awesome vintage jewellery shop and The Forum for some delicious nachos. Nom.
4. Lambrini cider.. Thoughts?
5. My obsession with how weird hares are. Turns out their babies (or leverets) are prett cute..
6. One of my summer internships is at my local museum.. And I love it!
7. Oh, Pierre..
8. The project I'm helping with. So exciting!
9. This years scrawny but pretty sunflower in my garden. Result.
10. My favourite ring and nail varnish combo at the moment..
11. My amaaazing chorizo and feta salad. After I discovered how good this was I must have eaten it every day for a week!
12. Holiday packing nightmare!
13. Funny place names abroad..
14. Can't complain with a view like that.
15. Left over holiday money meant only one thing.. A long overdue purchase from Working Class Hero Vintage (Check my last post!)
16. Birthday treats for the Mr in Newcastle..

Despite being mega busy with a couple of jobs and my work experience, I've finally joined the Instagram party! Find me by searching pierrelecat or just send me your links, people..

Anyway, how have you all been?


  1. that ring is gorgeous. i love. you look like you've been a busy bee :)x

  2. I grew my own sun flower this year to. I was so proud of myself! haha :)

  3. Beautiful sunflower! XOXO




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