21 August 2012

WORking Class Hero Vintage on ASOS Marketplace

So long time followers of pierrelecat will know I have been a big fan of Working Class Hero Vintage since I found them on eBay.. Since then they've went from strength to strength from monthly pop-up shops to regularly attending huge vintage fairs around England.

Until finally Working Class Hero Vintage have made the big move to ASOS Marketplace with their new boutique.. And it doesn't half suit them! After working on a new logo and a few cool and trendy PR photos, their set up as an ASOS Boutique works so much better with what Working Class Hero Vintage have to offer. I love to find a bargain and my first stop is usually eBay, but the ASOS Marketplace platform showcases clothes that just aren't ready for the 99p starting prices.. Not to mention an ASOS Boutique shop is so much easier to navigate!

However, I made the mistake of having a good look at the recently updated clothes on their ASOS Boutique store today.. That's 4 days before I go on holiday. And yes, if I ordered something today it would probably arrive before I left. Goodbye holiday money..


Unfortunately for you, this vintage 80s shirt belongs in MY wardrobe..

I may also be tattooing my feet at some point.. Because I want these shoes to look exactly like that.

So what do you think of WCH vintage move to ASOS Boutique? Do you have any boutique recommendations? Have you found any boutiques that just don't work as well?

PS. I'm now on Instagram @pierrelecat and changed my Twitter name to @_pierrelecat ..Fun times.


  1. Ooh I like! Definitely going to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at all the pretty vintage clothes now...
    Kaz x

  2. Ahhh I love the name of this brand and those dungarees are gorge! I actually just got a pair of vintage dungarees today and I am cheddared to bits with them! Sorry to gloat. But yes this brand looks like something I'd love and btw I LOVE YOUR BLOG. The whole style of it, it's so quirky and makes me chuckle! Big fan of the cat.

    Gemma x




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