10 August 2012

I WEAr my sunglasses at night

It has recently become apparant that I have an increasing addiction to sunglasses..

Let's start with the they're-a-bargain-I-deserve-a-treat sunglasses..

1. Wing tip retro sunglasses from eBay that don't suit me at all.. But I wanted them.
2. Charity shop finds. It's hard to make them look bad to be honest.
3. H&M sunnies that I wore a lot of during my trip to L.A.

The I-probably-don't-need-these sunglasses..

1. Picked this aztec patterened pair up in American Apparel in L.A. I heart them.
2. A pair of Vans sunnies.. Yes, I have a very similar pair from H&M but I like them. A lot.
3. I've been lusting after a round pair  of sunglasses since Easter. My second pair of Vans were found in a bargain bin in L.A. Win.

The I'm-just-going-to-get-them-anyway sunglasses..

1. Waaaay too big for my face. I justified getting this Nike pair by.. No, I still haven't done that yet.
2. Found these vintage Christian Dior sunnies on Pintuck Vintage. I love the shape, the colour of the lens and the frames. That's why I wear them. A lot.

The maybe-sunglasses-are-my-thing-so-I'm-going-to-invest sunglasses..

1. My Ray Bans. My babies. I was blown away by how amazing the lenses are in Ray Bans. Definetly worth the extra pennies.
2. Matt black classic Ray Bans. Basically the ones I wear when I pretend I'm cool.

Fortunately, you can make a pretty sweet saving on Ray Bans at SmartBuyGlasses and if you're feeling lucky, why not enter the AMAZING Ran Ban giveaway on Strutt. Hurry though, it ends tomorrow !!

Even after all the pairs that are knocking about.. I'm still very jealous of the Mr. Do you think he'd notice if I borrowed his?!


Can't go wrong with a sunglasses themed 80s classic. Corey Hart, you have a pout girls would be jealous of and a pair of sunnies I may need to add to my collection..


  1. I love your aztec American Apparel sunnies! Also lovin' your new blog look :-) x

    1. Thank you.. Yeah, couldn't resist a bit of Aztec!

  2. Now that is an incredible collection of sunglasses. I only have one trusty old pair... I feel like I need to branch out a bit after seeing these beauties!
    Kaz x

    1. Do it!! Just a warning, it gets addictive..

  3. Wow that's a lot of sunnies! I always struggle to find ones that suit me as I have a pea sized head :( xx

  4. Mega collection! I'm waiting on a pair of prescription ones so I guess once they come I'll get used to being able to see and won't be able to buy fun pairs anymore!

  5. Fun post! Once I started growing my collection of shades, I found I was getting more and more obsessed with picking the right pair for whatever outfit I was wearing. In other words, sunglasses have become an important component of getting dressed for me! I "only" have three pairs so far, but, yeh, I'm definitely going to be branching out along the road. Also: funny you should think the wing tip retro sunnies don't suit you; I actually think they are amongst the ones that look best on you. Could just be the angle though, eh?

  6. Great collection, I don't think I would be able to pull them off, but they look great on you :D


  7. Great pictures and beautiful glasses! But Oakley Frogskins is Fab....



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