27 July 2012

THESe are a few of my favourite things..

So I'm first to admit I don't usually 'do' tags.. That's right, I'm a bit of a tag snob. But when Roisin tagged me in her 'Most Worn' post I kind of liked the sound of it. Try everything once, right?

1. Lipstick/ lip gloss - Not a huge lipstick fan, mainly because I end up looking like I've coloured my lips in like a clown. My go to lip product has to be Vaseline. You will find a pot in nearly every bag I own. In fact, ask any woman in my family and it's a race to see who can get to their tin first..

2. Hair product - Don't think a day goes by without a blast of Batiste dry shampoo. I went through a phase of wearing the Tropical scent.. Until I couldn't stand smelling like cake any longer. I'm an industrial sized 'Original' kind of gal.

3. Nail varnish - My go to nail varnish is Barry M, Red Black. Goes with everything. 'Nuff said.

4. Earrings - I don't have my ears pierced.. But I would probably get them done for these vintage beauts. Fortunately for me they're clip-on, so i need never worry.

5. Perfume - Not necessarily my favourite perfume but I chose to wear Nina Ricci, L'Elixir on my wedding day last year. One squirt of this sweet perfume and it takes me right back.. Cute bottle too.

6. Bag - Tote bags are dead easy to throw everything into and just go. My current tote obsession is to find designs with foreign writing on.. The blue tote bag is from Germany and says something about mega cheap prices. The black tote is for a possible Dutch dance school. Both vintage, both close to falling to bits and both my favourite.

7. Top - My most worn top is this magical vintage Mark One creation I found in a charity shop about 5 years ago. I can wear it tucked in, with a huge scarf, sleeves rolled up or just as it is.. It's comfy, weird and definitely my most worn.

8. Shoes - Gold. Striped. Reebok. High tops. These make me smile just by looking at them. They don't go with anything but I'd never hold it against them..

So there you have it.. My most worn/ favourite things. If anyone fancies doing it leave me a link to the blog post in the comments below.. What are your most worn items?

What does everyone think of the new blog design? It was created by the amazingly talented Jenny, who's button is on the side.. I'd recommend checking her blog out too!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Love the top. What the hell ever happened to Mark One. Oh the days.

  2. Great post! Vasceline is a good one! x


  3. That's a lot of vaseline! xx

  4. Oh I love this! The stripy reeboks are incredible.
    I might have to do a similar post soon- you've made me think about what all my favourites are now!
    Kaz x

  5. Batiste dry shampoo is such a time saver for me especially when I go to the gym but don't want to wash my hair too much. Gotta love it!

  6. probably one of the best tags, all of the others seem a bit meurgh to me xx

  7. i really like your tag, especially that you've added photos to it!



  8. Love batiste such a day saver :) I thought that i should notfiy you that my blog is no longer called rose dust x, it is now called Fashion Rhapsody and is now under the domain www.fashionrhapsody.com

    Thanks for following me, Rose x

  9. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check out the post http://brutalfashionandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liebster-blog-award.html




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