2 March 2012

MATERial March

March marks the third month I've been writing my blog and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Starting off as an avid follower of Lily Melrose at llymlrs whose blog introduced me to her friends and followers, I was inspired to write my own.

However, the longer I've spent looking at other peoples blogs, their outfits and all the amazing bargains, deals and new websites they've introduced me to.. The more I've shopped !! I've made panicked purchases just because I've seen someone else wear it even though it doesn't necessarily suit me. After going back to uni, I've had the luxury of having more free time and suprisingly (!), I've spent most of it browsing round the shops fueling my H&M addiction..

So I mentioned in my last post that I'd set myself a bit of a challenge.. Looking through my wardrobe I've found dresses with their tags still on, tops I'd worn once and forgotten about and items from years ago that I swear have come back into fashion. I've become so obsessed with buying that I've forgotten what I've already got!

So, this month I decided that I wasn't going to buy anymore clothes in March.. Err..

OK, that was my first idea but after a bit of thought I realised that's probably a tad unrealistic. So instead I'm not going to buy anything brand new. All month. I'll only be shopping for second hand goodies which lets me indulge in some of my favourite passions.. Charity shopping, a bit of ebay hauling and the occasional peek in a vintage boutique or two.. Hopefully giving the high street shops a bit of a break.

My aim is to wear what I already have, only buy what I really need and hopefully find some vintage or second-hand websites and shops that I can share with you.. 

Yes, it does mean I miss the new Marni collection at H&M ( My favourite pieces pictured above) that lauches in 6 days and available here.. But I'll be survive.. Right ?!

 Prepare for tips, tanturms and the occasional trail outfit post. What do you think?


  1. I love that top! Good luck with the shopping ban, I too am on a shopping ban for march, apart from buying work clothes! Since I started my blog I've bought so much more than I need to as well, especially with regards to make up. xx

  2. I'm too on a shopping ban, but this has not succeeded for me yet, lol, it is very hard, shopping is an addiction for me :D xx

  3. Im on the same shopping ban! Haha its soo hard!
    The Marni collection is fab





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