5 March 2012

MATErial March (The PRe-panic..)

Although I couldn't wait to start my new clothes shopping ban, I've got to admit it.. I panicked. After pay day I had money burning a hole in my pocket and it felt like only a few days to spend it before the start of March. I know.. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I made some of the silliest purchases with some of the stupidest reasoning. You ready for this?
  • I bought four belts. Yes, FOUR belts.. My reason? I don't have a black one I like..*
  • I ordered a pair of shoes. That are way too high.. And nonrefundable.
  • I got an amazing pair of leggings.. That are pretty much see through..
  • I bought a necklace to add to the collection of hundreds of necklaces I already have for no real reason at all..
The worst thing was that the first time I got any of my items out of their bags and boxes was to take this picture ! 

Shoes and leggings - Ebay
Belts and necklace - H&M

So that's it.. I'm done. For a month at least. I've avoided browsing the high street stores this weekend in favour of a local food festival. Nom. Also, I've found a couple of amazing online vintage stores that I can't wait to show you.. And I'll only be purchasing items I really want. How's everyone else getting on with their shopping bans? Did anyone else experience the pre-panic??

*Yes, you're seeing right. Despite lacking a decent black belt and buying myself two, I also bought one brown and one green too.. Eugh!


  1. Those shoes are AMAZING! the heels are giant, but they're so beautiful. As are the leggings, i love stripes.. and monochrome! :) xoxox

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    I love the leggings, are they really see through or just slightly? I really want a pair of black and white striped leggings :) xx

    1. I've worked out if I wear a pair of tights or black leggings underneath they'll be alright. Oh the glamour.. Haha.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I love your shoes!


  4. I've self-enforced a shopping ban on myself this month, although I bought a shirt from a charity shop at the weekend. Err...I can just count it as a donation to charity with an extra added bonus, right?! And those shoes are AMAZING, but I probably couldn't walk in them either! x

  5. your post makes me smile...:) yeah...I once bought a pair of shoes way to high ! I walked in them only once... up the hill ! x

  6. I love the shoes! Even if you can't walk in them, they'll look awesome displayed in your room x


    1. Hahaha.. Yesss. It's all about a good shoe display. Totally overlooked this fact..

  7. Some how I have been the antithesis to your none shopping march and bought everything in sight - much like you i made some silly purchases! So silly I have spent a few days hiding everything I bought so the boyf wont find them! x



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