12 March 2012

WORKing class hero vintage LOVe..

I love the feeling of finding the perfect vintage piece. Whether it's at a bargain price or it's the exact item that will transform your summer wardrobe, nothing beats it. Same feeling when I find a new vintage shop that hits the mark, I've got to share it..

So, step up Working Class Hero Vintage..* A lovely vintage store based in Yorkshire and selling their vintage goodies in their shop on ebay.

 Err.. That might just be the vintage denim jacket I've had actual dreams about finding..

 Those buttons on the pink top are so flattering..

These items aren't available YET.. But have a sneek peek at their summer lookbook here before they go on sale.

But if you fancy spending a bit of the dollar check out some of my favourite items from their shop..

This really cute jumper would be perfect to throw on during festival season. Have a closer look here..

I have an almost identical pair of these 90s style boots and honestly, they're never off my feet. I'd say they're worth the investment.. But at £23.99 they're a steal ! Find them here..

My biggest tip when shopping for vintage is never to overlook the mens section and this is definately embraced at Working Class Hero Vintage..

This Wragler shirt is listed under the mens section. Styled with a belt cinching in the waist, I think it'd look amazing worn without the belt with your favourite skinnies.. And of course it's that perfect pastel shade for summer too. Looks like I'll race you to it here..

Want to have a proper browse? Well, you're in luck. WCHV have announced their first pop-up shop at William Priestley Salon in Halifax. Taking place on the first Tuesday of each month, their first event will be held on Tuesday 3rd April. Yesssss.

What do you think of these northern monkeys? Have you found any other small vintage stores that are worth a mention?

* Nope, they didn't ask me to write about them.. But I did ask permission to use their lovely photos. Err.. Yes, I will stop facebook stalking them now..


  1. i love the outfits, and the boots are such a bargain!x

  2. Absolutely love the jumper, so cute! I'm checking their ebay out now :)

    Thanks for following me x

  3. ahhh i love all these items! x

  4. I love vintage looks and you totally rocked them!! I especially love #2 and #3!! Great job!

    1. Yeah.. I wish this was me ! But it's the lovely model from Working Class Hero Vintage. Find them on twitter here. Going to do an outfit post or two soon !


    2. Helen, your last outfit post is unbelievably smart and thought through! And you're MUCH more beautiful than the model from Working Class Hero Vintage;-))))

    3. You're too kind.. But thank you. I fancy cutting my hair a bit shorter though. We'll see..

  5. Ou thanks for the link, love hunting down vintage treats! Xx



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