17 January 2012

HOLiday snaps..

It's that time of the year again when I feel I could really do with a holiday.. I don't exactly deserve one seeing as my first day back to uni isn't until tomorrow, but that doesn't stop me dreaming. At the moment I'm not planning on going away until August which seems a long way away.. Until then, I'm shuffling through my holiday snaps trying not to get too excited about sun, shorts and sticky suncream. Woop.

A beautiful day on the seafront in Whitehead, near Belfast..

Sand, blue sky.. Royan, France. That was a good road trip. 

 Our view looking up on the campsite in Hossegor. Blue, blue sky..

 The most beautiful lake in Switzerland. Yes, it really was that colour..

Even a trip to Alnmouth, Northumberland is good enough for me..

Can't wait to crack out the Christian Dior sunglasses again. Even if they are bigger than my face..

Eeesh.. Festival time* !! Hopefully be heading back to Kendal Calling this year. Exciiiiited..**

* My t-shirt is my favourite. Find more of the same at Me&Yu
** Find out first about Kendal Calling news here .. See you there !!


  1. I love these pics and the glasses are sooo cool :D
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  2. Wowww, these pictures are wonderful :) that lake! And I love the seafront houses :] ♥

    Sarah ^.^



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