12 January 2012

BLOg seeks company..

Would you look at that.. Company magazine have launched a 2012 style blogger awards. Not only is this a great way to recognise some of the amazing blogs out there, but just looking through the list of nominees I've found even more great blogs that I'll definitely be following.. I'm so pleased to see one of my favourite blogs llymlrs in a couple of categories.

Little disappointed that someone hasn't read through all the entries before putting it up online. Quite a few blogs are listed twice, with different web addresses..

Make sure you cast your vote here and you never know.. It could be us on the short list next year.

Anyone follow a blog that you think should have been shortlisted? Where are all the northern bloggers at?? Represent.


  1. I just voted. I'm surprised there aren't more bloggers entered. Yes, lets make next year a northern year :) xx

  2. I love how there's actually an award at all! It's a shame there aren't many northern blogs, but I'm sure there'll be a bigger representation next year (:

  3. i just think its so good that there are awards at all :) need to go and vote :D xx



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