17 June 2015

Read | The Vagenda

This book has changed how I blog, changed how (and if) I read magazines, changed how I watch the TV and is probably about to change your life too. 

Book: The Vagenda by Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett published by Vintage*

What's it all about then? The Vagenda feels like a call to action; it's about time women started to demand a media that reflects who we actually are... But it's not preachy. It's intelligent, funny, warm, insightful, sharp and well-written by two women that know what they're talking about and have the stats (and the experience) to prove it.

Best bits? The sometimes hilariously contradicting and often stupidly patronising and much talked about modern phenomenon of how the media like to make women feel inadequate. Letting us know whatever it is we think we've got a handle on, we're probably wrong - so here are 5 ways to do your job better, do the sex better, freeze your ovaries because they're probably drying up and do life better in general.

This book is finally calling out the magazines that on one page tell you to love your curves, the next will be body-shaming the latest female celeb and all neatly packaging it with a bit of well-placed sponsored advertorial promoting diets, pills, plastic surgery and anything else they think we're gullible enough to swallow.

It's just not cricket, is it?

Worst bits? This book doesn't have all the answers... But it does ask all the questions. Which I actually think is better. 

You should read this book if... You're a human being.

Would you recommend reading The Vagenda? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Read it. And tell everyone that you know to read it. Then talk to me about it. We're going to be best friends.

What? No, jewellery in the picture? Nah, this beautiful book does not need jewellery to jazz it up. It is perfect just as it is. 



  1. Ahh this sounds like my kinda book!
    Gold Dust


    1. You've got to read it... Then come back and tell me how much you love it!

  2. This sounds great! I just read Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates which was one of those life changing reads, but this sounds like a much more light-hearted read on feminism! Thanks for the post x

    Harriet Rosie | www.harrietrosie.com

    1. Someone on Twitter also said this after I posted my review... It's next on my 'to read' list now. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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