15 March 2015

Read | Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Read anything decent lately? I have.

Book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

What's it all about then? Camille Preaker, a journalist in Chicago, is sent back to her sleepy hometown of Missouri to report on two young girls that have been abducted and killed. In the last place Camille wants to find herself, she heads home to stay with her estranged (and strange) mother, her weirdly placid step-father and a half sister she barely recognises, in a bid to uncover a potentially career-defining story.

Best bits? Unless you've been living under a stone, you can't have missed Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel Gone Girl. After reading that first, I was intrigued to get my hands on her other novels. Unlike Gone Girl, where I wasn't too keen on growing popularity of the she-might-be-strong-but-she-cray-cray leading lady character, in Sharp Objects protagonist Camille, although flawed, was ultimately a strong female character. That's what I like reading about.

Worst bits? Not that I need a massive twist to have a satisfying read, but I was able to work out 'whodunnit.' Although I don't think that mystery was the point of the book. 

You should read this book if... You like a strong female lead, you enjoyed Gone Girl and you live in a backward town in the middle of nowhere. And if you're cold. I pictured non-stop sun, heat and dust reading this book. 

Would you recommend reading Sharp Objects? Without a doubt. I've been fooled by a lot of 'if you like Gone Girl you're going to love this' books. Namely The Book of You by Claire Kendal. Seriously, if you're getting stalked by a weirdo tell someone. Don't just faint and drink wine. The Book of You was the most frustrating read ever. Avoid.

And the jewellery? That beauty is from Pull & Bear. Pretty dreamy, right? 

What's on your current reading list? Tell me so we can start a bloggers book club.



  1. i read Gone Girl last month and LOVED it so I watched the film last night and didn't think it was anywhere near as good! This one sounds really interesting, already put it on my wish list! xx


    1. Woop. Let me know what you think of it...

  2. Ooh I think I'm going to try and find this! Love a good crime novel (even if the whodunnit element is super obvious - I usually figure them out anyway), Maybe constantly picturing heat and sand will make me appreciate the definitely un-springlike weather around right now!

    little miss fii || Fii x

    1. That or make you want to run away somewhere mega hot. Ha.

  3. I read Gone Girl and expected it to be awful but was pleasantly surprised, so I'm definitely interested in giving this a go if you think it's better! Thanks for the recommendation :) I just finished reading The Goldfinch and I reviewed it on my blog, but unfortunately I wasn't too impressed...


    1. I'm off to check it out. Love a good book review.

  4. Ahh I don't like this book. I read it and felt uncomfortable throughout. Maybe I'm just a sap but it was all a bit too much for me!


    1. Wow. So good to hear that someone who didn't like it too. For me there was just a bit more to it that Gone Girl. So maybe if I wasn't comparing it to Gillian Flynn's other books I'd have a different opinion? But I definitely enjoyed it. Maybe I'm the weirdo.

  5. But the necklace......i can't stop looking at the necklace! I'm off to check out Pull & Bear....and maybe some of Gillian Flyn's writing after reading this :)





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