10 December 2014

Lifestyle | Pink is not my colour

According to the big brands, if you’re a girl and you decide to go outdoors this winter you’re going to want to wear pink. Or pastels.

Unsurprisingly I object.

Visit the big players in the world of street, skate and surfwear, like O’neill or Roxy, and try looking at the ski jackets this season. You'll be face-to-face with flowers, brightly coloured zips and an option to have pink on everything.

Compare it to the men’s section. They have interesting textures. They have subtle patterns that don’t make you want to throw up (mostly). Oh, and they have so many in shades of black and grey it makes you stamp your foot with jealousy.

No pink zips in sight.

I admit, this isn’t how every girl feels towards the options for snow jackets this year. 

And I am particularly hostile when it comes to any kind of heart, polka dot or sickly sweet star print found on clothes in general.

I outright refuse to wear any piece of clothing depicting lipstick or shoes or handbags. Why do I want pictures of those things on my clothes? I wear them or use them in real life. It just does not compute.

But I can handle all of that.

It’s when I’m forced to shell out a huge amount of money for a jacket that's mandatory for frolicking across snow capped mountains during the winter that I have to complain. 

If you don’t want to look like a 10 year-old I feel the options are limited. And you’re somewhat penalised for having taste by begrudgingly handing over hard earned cash for something you really wouldn’t buy under normal circumstances.

So is anyone doing it right this year?

First off, just ignore Roxy. O’neill have a few good options. Like this Segment Jacket that wouldn’t look out of place in my wardrobe. (See example of floor-drobe picture above)

Also, don’t judge a book by it’s front cover on Burton. A lot of the jackets have a less girly option if you can get passed the blinding colours they promote. I particularly like their B by Burton range in a sleeker longer line style with a focus on texture. 

Hideously expensive though.

I'm a bit disappointed by Westbeach. Ski snobs don’t really like this brand as it’s a bit cheaper than the others, but this year they seem to have caught the girls-only-like-pink-and-pastels bug too.


One day, when I’m a millionaire, I will do something about all of this. And then I might try and sort out the state of swimwear at the moment too.

Seriously. Don’t even get me started on swimwear.



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    1. Haha. Now that's interesting. I'm the same with blue stuff. I'd always think I'm not a massive fan but I've got plenty of it hidden in my wardrobe.



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