25 November 2014

Top travel tips | Hamburg, Germany

So you want to go to Hamburg do you? Good choice. Here are my top travel tips...

| Research

 Go and read this and then this blog post from J for Jen. They are the main reason I ended up in Hamburg for my birthday celebrations.

| Accommodation

Looking for somewhere quirky to stay in Hamburg? Always book an Airbnb. This is where we stayed and it was awesome. 

You know I'm a massive Airbnb fan after some amazing apartment finds in California and Berlin last year.

| Where to visit

Go to St. Michaelis church and climb (Yes, climb - don't take the lift you wuss) the stairs up to the 106 meter high platform for the best view of Hamburg. Think 360​​° panoramic view of the city centre, the harbour and everything in between.

One hell'uva a way to get your bearings. 

| Start walking

 Pack your New Balance trainers, Dr Marten lace-ups or your new over the knee boots that are really, really comfy and go exploring. Everywhere. There aren't enough blog posts to write what a great city Hamburg is.

Especially in autumn.


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  1. Looks like you had a blast. I love the apartment, the view from the top of that platform and the apples shot! Good travel tips.

  2. Ooh never thought about Airbnb before, I'll check it out when I next go on holiday :)

    Jenny - jnylng.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I don't think of anywhere else. I've stayed in some of the best places through Airbnb.



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