5 October 2014

Read: Asian Street Fashion

Who doesn't love a good book? Especially when they look as pretty as this...

Book: Asian Street Fashion by James Bent from Thames & Hudson* publishers

What's it all about then? Photographer James Bent has been travelling around Asia snapping the best dressed folk that he's happened to come across. Initially searching for interesting characters to inspire his writing, he captivated a worldwide audience with his street style photos and he's curated over 280 of them into this stunning book.

Best bits? Reading more about James' journey and how his book concept developed is really insightful. I'm all for appreciating a good street style shot, but if there's a bit of an explanation behind the photos I enjoy it more. With chapters exploring seasonal fashion as well as traditional and vintage, it's the spirit of style section right at the end that reminds you to see the individual beyond the outfit.

Worst bits? You can't really fault this book. It does exactly what is says on the tin. Captions and chapter titles are written vertically rather than horizontally... This might take you an extra second to read. I can't say that's a problem though and it works with the overall design concept of the book. Who said writing had to be linear anyway? Yawn.

You should read this book if... You're addicted to reading fashion blogs and there's a chance you'll be caught without 3G over the weekend. This is your first port of call for ultimate style inspiration and it doesn't require a wifi password.

Would you recommend reading Asian Street Fashion? Definitely. Whether you sit down and read it cover to cover or prefer to flick through for help with a particularly brutal what-the-hell-should-I-wear-today crisis, this is the book you'll be pleased to find on your bookshelves.

What else is happening in this picture? Oh, they would be my current favourite jewellery purchases from Delilah Dust and Oh My Clumsy Heart.



  1. Love this post! I love these books too!

    Charlotte // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

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  3. Oh, this looks like a great idea. With so much on the internet, I've forgotten to look at books for style inspiration. Did you order yours online?

    Cool Gear Cavalier // Men's Style and Lifestyle



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