9 May 2014

Document the every day.. #04

Dissertation handed in? Check. Final event and evaluation submitted? Check. Last report complete? You know I am so close..

Looks like it's time to get organised..
If you follow me on Instagram you would have spotted that I posted this photo of my brand spanking new diary earlier today. I am slightly in love.
If you're a stationery fan and haven't stumbled upon The Magic Notebook yet you are in for a real treat. Prepare for pages of beautiful notebooks, uber cool deco tape and oodles of quirky product photos. 
With the end of university in sight I decided I'd had enough of the mountain of lists I have scattered about to remind me to do one thing and point me in the direction of another. I'm sick of writing notes on my phone or emailing myself something to remember.. You can see why the Mind Map Diary really spoke to me. 
Write. It. Down.
And, if like me, you decide to start a diary in the not-so-middle of the month in the not-so-middle of the year (although judging from Instagram I think this might be the case for Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place too..) then this diary comes blank with handy stickers so you can start whenever you fancy.
So I'm starting now.
Right after I take a few more pretty pictures.. 



  1. And you've just reminded me I'm seriously slacking in my diary!

  2. It's always good to write it down :)
    Muilo Burbulai



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