18 March 2013

Pierrelecat: This week I've been wearing..

I love outfit posts. What I buy, what I wear and how I wear it is being influenced more and more by the fashion blogs that I read. For me they're such a huge inspiration that if I didn't read them I'm not sure where exactly I'd be getting my fashion advice from.

Despite that, I've never really been able to get into a routine of posting what I wear on my blog. There's a few instagram snaps now and then, otherwise it's been a bad hair day, bad skin day, too dark day or just generally lacking inspiration day. Never mind trying to fit it around work and uni..

To be fair though, I can't think of a blogger who doesn't have one if not all of these problems at some point. So after a severe case of bloggers block I've come up with this.. Rather than an outfit a day how about 'What I've been wearing THIS WEEK.' I figured out of the 7+ outfits I wear a week, I've got to be happy with at least one, right?

So this was one of my favourites last week..

Top and shoes - Matalan
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Vintage

I've been loving the monochrome pieces that are all over the blogs at the moment. As much as I like it, if I wear black AND white on my top half I tend to look a bit washed out. So it's either black or white for me. I'll be monochrome-ing it up on my other half and with the help of a few crafty accessories.

I picked this top up in Matalan the other day and I love it! There's a few different colours and I've got a funny feeling I'll be back to pick up the navy blue version soon. I can already see this being worn A LOT under a pair of dungarees this summer..

Necklace - Dixi

Chunky rings - Matalan
Thumb rings - Market
Above knuckle ring - Dixi
Bracelets - There's definitely one from Annarack somewhere on there..
Nails - Barry M and Lush Laquer

Despite my original plan of calling into Matalan to buy a quilt cover and NOTHING ELSE, I managed to pick up a few chunky silver rings too. It's becoming clear that rings are definitely a weakness of mine..

Oh, and there's Pierre.. AGAIN.

I'd love to hear what you think about my weekly outfit post idea.. How do you fit outfit posts into your week? Which fashion bloggers are you most inspired by?

PS. I've started to follow blogs through Bloglovin'. Leave me your links in the comments! You can find me by clicking the link above..


  1. Love your lace t-shirt and the monochrome look :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post: Monochrome biker girl and NOTD post Jessica GELeration in Venus Was Her Name by Nail And Beauty, Cheshire.

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  2. What a gorgeous top! I've been trying to do outfit posts for ages too but have had all the same problems you mentioned, plus no tripod! So frustrating. But I'm now doing one a week, as the hubby is kindly playing photographer :)
    Mel x


    1. Haha.. Guess who helped me with this one? The husband!!

  3. I know what you mean about outfit photos, sometimes it can be such a pain! I always feel like I need a really exciting background and some interesting poses, but seem to go back to the old in front of the wardrobe, head down hand on hip. It's so much easier in the summer! xx


    1. I'm counting down the days for summer already..

  4. It can be hard to fit in outfit posts sometimes :( I'm limiting myself to just 1 or 2 posts a week now that it's coming up to exams.
    You wouldn't think those shoes were from matalan!

    1. I know.. Not bad are they? Yeah, one or two sounds do-able!

  5. You look lovely in that outfit. Thank you so much for the feature on my little evil eye bracelet, it is much appreciated xx

    1. Honestly, I wear it every day.. I love it!

  6. Cute, I still haven't posted any outfit posts on my blog. I need to get the courage to do so though. So even more so, well done you!


    1. Just do it!! From the pics you've got up already I don't think you'll have anything to worry about..

  7. Cute blog post! You look great and i think every personal style blogger sometimes feels the way you feel about outfits post.
    Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!

  8. I love the top! I have a bit of an addiction to white shirts/blouses/tops xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  9. Im loving the monochrome look to,its such an instant classic look,I love your top from matalan gorgeous fabric.
    Love your style and blog x

  10. These pics are so great, I absolutely love your style!
    It's so pretty and unique. Please keep it up, I really can't wait to see more :) xxxx

  11. I love the simplicity of your style, those rings, necklace, and lace top are a beautiful combination xx



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